Sustainable, results-driven services swept the 2021 pest control awards

Surpassing a range of small and medium enterprises as a local business owner is not an easy feat. But, in winning the Consumer Choice Award for pest control, 2021, that is exactly what Humane Solutions has done. In the light of various unbiased consumer opinions that were analyzed by many North American market research firms, Humane Solutions has been awarded this incredible accolade. The Canada-based pest control and wildlife management company has gone from startup to industry leader in just a few short years, and has simply excelled in this challenging field. Here’s why.

What is the Consumer Choice Award and what does it mean for SMEs?

Awarded by a body that acknowledges and endorses excellence in Canadian businesses, the Consumer Choice Award is given to organizations that have achieved incredible consumer evaluations. Businesses that receive the Consumer Choice Award, like Humane Solutions, are considered to be the ‘most outstanding’ organizations that are backed by statistically valid commendations and independent research.

For more than 30 years this award has been granted to extraordinary businesses that are selected and evaluated objectively, using big data. The few small and medium enterprises that gain this award are immediately set apart from their competitors, and their reputation is significantly bolstered. Not only is the award a prestigious accolade, it is also only given to one winner per category in each city.

The values and successes of Humane Solutions

Through their consistent efforts, which led to the Consumer Choice Award for pest control, Humane Solutions has set the gold standard for small and medium enterprises in Vancouver. And as an organization that has established itself as a leading and renowned pest control company, the business shows every quality that the Consumer Choice Award looks for.

Humane Solutions’ emergence as a local market leader in pest control is reflected in the fact that it has grown 1000% in just three years. It is its exceptional reputation that has propelled it ahead of the local market, and it has achieved this with a business model so shrewd and perceptive that their fierce competition claims it is impossible. What is that business model? Humane Solutions tackles the root causes of common pest control problems and sustainably tackles them.

Whereas their competition makes use of toxic poison approaches repeatedly to handle pests and wildlife, Humane Solutions’ professional staff go above and beyond temporary deterrents. By combining their expert knowledge of urban settings and structural conflicts with their adept wildlife management strategies, they also endeavour to find and pinpoint structural issues within buildings.

Once they have been fixed, the team works towards dealing with any pests or wildlife they may have found. The approach distinguishes the team from others in the market, which is exactly why it deserves the Consumer Choice Award.

Permanent pest control services

As Western Canada’s most renowned pest control company, Humane Solutions’ goal will always be to create clever pest control solutions that are efficient and permanent. The company offers handy strategies to tackle a range of species. Not only do they have the answer to eco-friendly bat control, they also protect property using bear-proof exclusion systems, expertly place deterrent bird netting and spiking, assist with mouse population management using a poison-free strategy, and handle beavers, rats, squirrels and raccoons, which only scratches the surface of their professional capabilities.

Equally, smaller species and insects are frequent problems that often require an efficient, deft approach to overcome in a sustainable, effective way.

With an abundance of expert solutions, Humane Solutions deals with them daily. From spiders to silverfish, ants to wasps, termites to cockroaches, the professionals at Humane Solutions have come up with the critical approaches that help them handle a range of insects and restore comfort to their clients’ homes – even where consumers are unaware of the source of their pest problem.

Money-saving strategies for removing rodents and critters

With clients across the globe repeatedly paying for pest control services that do not get to the root cause of the problem, there is often no end to the bills they receive. This can lead to a sense of frustration for clients, not just due to the amount of money that is wasted on inefficient pest control methods, but because the rodents and critters often come back.

Humane Solutions delivers a significant solution to a range of pest problems that save its clients money going forward. These are two additional reasons why the company is one step ahead of its competition and why the company has such a high level of consumer loyalty. It’s also why they received the Consumer Choice Award, and why they have gained such excellent reviews from satisfied clients.

Working in various settings and reaping reviews that reflect excellence

It is not just their unique business model that helps them exceed their competition – it is the range of settings and clients to which they lend their expertise. Their exceptional services span an extensive range of settings and locations.

There is a range of industries affected by pests and wildlife, and it is a significant problem. Industrial sites, for example, can be shut down due to species that render the environment unsafe for workers, as can foodservice businesses. But from homes and properties to industrial sites, to foodservice businesses, Humane Solutions is directly putting their pest control solutions into action in each of these settings and reaping incredible reviews.

Their range of services also includes landscaping, property maintenance, repairs, and cleaning, which have received more than 100 five-star Google ratings.

Protecting the environment and advocating sustainability

Humane Solutions’ approaches to pest control always consider and protect the environment while advocating sustainability. Their perceptive eco-friendly approaches that contribute to a sustainable pest control solution include:

  • Recording a species’ population data
  • Forgoing the use of poison to remove the pests, and
  • Using a scientific hot-spot method

Using only ethical and permanent solutions, the scientists, experts in sustainability and tradesmen at Humane Solutions work together to find permanent and efficient answers to their clients’ wildlife problems.

Too often in the pest control industry do clients find that the services they choose are detrimental to the environment and cause damage to habitats. With companies handling pest problems with toxic poisons, the environment sustains significant damage. Humane Solutions, in contrast, supports the planet with its eco-friendly efforts. They deliberately avoid approaches that damage the environment, and instead opt for innovative approaches to solve pest and wildlife problems.

The unique, environmentally friendly perspective that Humane Solutions has, has directly contributed to the business’ accolades and achievements. It is as a result of this fresh perspective on pest control that Humane Solutions has gained the respect and loyalty of its consumers.

Humane Solutions: a wildlife management company with lasting pest solutions

Taking drastic steps to help the environment and permanently solve pest problems, Humane Solutions deserves the Consumer Choice Award for pest control. The business is making significant successful strides because of the ethics of its team, its forward-thinking approaches in the difficult field of pest control, and its wealth of comprehensive knowledge. Humane Solutions is the only winner of the Consumer Choice Award’s wildlife and pest control accolade in Vancouver. Discover why Humane Solutions is the best solution for pest control and get in contact with the team today for more details.

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