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Beaver Control Vancouver and Lower Mainland

Beavers are ecosystem engineers and offer many services to other species in areas they inhabit. However, in populated areas, a beaver habitat can quickly turn a small pond or stream into a serious safety hazard, or a source of property damage.

We specialize in the humane removal of beavers and beaver dams, and in preventative measures to mitigate further problems. We have a variety of tools and methods at our disposal to align with your moral and safety needs.

Land owners, businesses, municipalities, and industry can trust Humane Solutions to safely and efficiently solve problems associated with beavers.

Every beaver we have to dispatch is donated to local First Nations who use the pelt, meat, and bone for a variety of traditional arts and crafts.

The Lower Mainland's Best Beaver Control

We are Vancouver and the Lower Mainland's leader in beaver control, removal, and mitigation. We are trained and certified to safely and efficiently deal with beaver problems regardless of the situation or location.

The Lower Mainland's Most Humane Beaver Control

Humane Solutions is the industry leader in humane beaver control; whether you need removal, management, or pond leveling, we have the best equipment, knowledge, and techniques for the job.

Relocation Is Not Humane

This applies to beavers more than any other animal. Beavers spend all year engineering their habitat and storing food in order to survive the winter under the ice. Relocating a beaver away from their established habitat is almost certainly sentencing them to a very slow and painful death. If removal is necessary, then fast and humane lethal control is the best option.

The Lower Mainlands Best Beaver Dam Removal Service

We are master water movers! It doesn't matter how many dams you have or how big they are, we can get the water moving. We use everything from heavy equipment to pickaxes and biceps. We should mention that pulling a dam before removing the beavers is an exercise in futility.


We use only the best certified and humane trapping equipment and methods. We can safely remove beavers regardless of your situation or location. We operate on private property, commercial property, industrial sites, and municipalities. We are your beaver experts!

Pond Leveling

When property damage and/or risk to people and pets is not the issue, you can focus on just managing the water level with pond levelers. We can install a variety of pond leveling devices in beaver dams so the water always stays at a constant level.

Safety Hazards

Although beavers are great for the environment in a lot of ways, the habitats they create can be serious safety hazards. Beavers cut trees into 1-foot tall spikes that can easily be hidden in tall grass; people often trip on these and can be seriously injured by falling on these spikes. Beaver ponds are also major drowning hazards; often beavers will burrow into the bank, and you can actually fall through the bank into a slippery tunnel that shoots you into the water and locks you in place like a coffin.

Property Damage

When people think of property damage caused by beavers they typically think only of high water and dropping trees. The reality is that beavers can fall trees onto important infrasture like houses and power lines. Also, that high water has been known to flood basements, wash out roads, and even back up septic systems. Property damage from beavers should be identified and mitigated as soon as possible.

Risk To People And Pets

For the most part, beavers are reclusive and shy. However, if a dog or another pet corners one or swims into the water after them, they have no problem doing serious damage, if not killing the pet. Additionally, beavers have been known to be aggressive towards people. One man was killed by a beaver a few years ago when it lunged at him, bit his leg, and severed his artery.

Humane Solutions - Beaver Control Vancouver

Beavers are monogamous, mating for life. Each beaver colony normally consists of two parental adults, the yearlings born the previous year, and the newborn kits. Just prior to the birth of the young, two-year-olds are forced to leave the parental colony and create their proper lodge and dam. Beavers breed in January–February, have a gestation period of three and a half months and give birth to two to four young. Beavers may live up to 12 years in the wild.

Humane Solutions - Beaver Control Vancouver

Beavers inhabit forested regions across Canada and north to the treeline but are infrequent on the prairies. Typically, they occupy slow-flowing streams, where they construct dams of sticks, logs, debris, and mud. The beaver is one of the only mammals, other than humans, that can manufacture its own environment. Beavers often build canals for floating logs to build dams. These dams maintain a water supply to protect their lodges, which are built of the same materials as the dams, and have entrances below water level and ramps leading up to living quarters above water.

Humane Solutions - Beaver Control Vancouver

Without beavers’ dams, much of the water in the numerous small streams throughout Canada would flow unchecked through the landscape. By impounding water and felling trees, beavers not only provide themselves with wood for their lodges and twigs for their food, but they also open up dense woods, creating opportunities for a variety of plants and animals. Because of this, they have been called a keystone species in temperate and Boreal Forest aquatic ecosystems.

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