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Beaver Control

We provide top-tier beaver control services. Including population management, dam removal, and cutting-edge co-existence solutions.

Close-up of a beaver swimming gracefully in a serene water body.

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We are innovators and thought leaders in the beaver management space. Relied on by governments, industry, commercial enterprises, and private property owners.

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City of Burnaby
City of Maple Ridge
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Environment Canada
Canadian Wildlife Service
Humane Solutions technicians work at a beaver site near Vancouver, BC, implementing wildlife management strategies.

Our beaver Control services

Solving Beaver issues, anywhere, anytime.

Beaver Trapping

Our team has the expertise and tools required to efficiently and respectfully manage beaver populations.

Beaver Relocation

We possess the necessary permits and extensive experience to execute beaver relocation projects.

Beaver Dam Removal

Specializing in professional beaver dam removal, even in high-profile areas inaccessible by machinery.

Beaver Co-existence Services

We excel in coexistence strategies for a harmonious living with beavers. As pioneers, we innovate.

Beaver Population Management

Our company specializes in providing professional beaver population management services and consulting. We are based in the Lower Mainland, BC, but our expertise is trusted by clients across North America, ranging from governments and NGOs to commercial enterprises and private property owners.

Beaver Eating in Humane Solutions Inc. Coexistence Area
Wildlife technician and trained dog inspecting a beaver dam in a forested wetland area.

Beaver Dam Removal

We take pride in our ability to effectively remove dams, using a variety of cutting-edge tools as well as time-honored manual labor methods for the most challenging sites. Our comprehensive services cover all stages of the process, from careful site evaluation to obtaining the essential permits, culminating in the swift and efficient physical removal of the dam.

flow control devices

Beaver Dam Pond Levelers

We are the industry leader and innovator in beaver flow control devices, a key tool in beaver coexistence strategy. FCDs are installed in beaver dams to maintain water levels regardless of beaver damming activity. Essentially, they are pipes installed in the dams that the beavers cannot plug.

Beyond mitigating flooding, FCDs can be used as a tool to ensure harmony with beavers in an active habitat. Beaver dams are often more valuable in streams than not, as they can maintain water on the landscape, mitigate erosion, create natural firebreaks, and provide valuable habitat for fish, birds, and a variety of other species.

Humane Solutions technicians install a beaver pond leveler at a wildlife sanctuary near Vancouver, BC, ensuring habitat preservation and flood prevention.
Humane Solutions Beaver Combo Device, featuring a pond leveler and beaver exclusion fence.

flow control devices

Beaver Combo Devices

Combo Devices are pond levelers that are installed in combination with a beaver exclusion fence. These are most commonly used to secure key drainage infrastructure such as culverts, spillways, and bridges. 

Essentially, the exclusion fence prevents beavers from accessing critical infrastructure and damming the choke point, thereby creating a critical flooding situation. If beavers do dam, they do so on the exclusion fence. They can build all they want, but the leveler pipe ensures the water upstream is always kept at the desired level.

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