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Wildlife Consulting

Wildlife Consulting

Humane Solutions has built a reputation for being the people to call when dealing with complex or controversial wildlife management situations without a clear direction. Our company was founded on innovation and progressing sustainable development, so not only are we usually able to develop an effective, common-sense strategy, but we are comfortable developing new-to-industry methodologies.

Our expertise are utilized by a wide range of organizations, governments, and property owners. From developing and implementing large-scale management and co-existence strategies to helping organizations manage their wildlife-focused internal departments.
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Working Towards A Rodenticide Free BC

The global pest control industry is worth over $20 billion dollars annually and growing at an aggressive rate. 20% of that revenue is reported to be generated from rodent control, and the vast majority of rodent control revenue is generated from recurring rodenticide contracts. At no point since the inception of modern rodenticides has an

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The Secret Method To Trapping Smart Mice & Rats

If you find yourself reading this article, there is a good chance you are battling it out with a smart rodent, or even a smart colony. Perhaps you have tried every bait, every trap, and every pest control company and still no luck? More than the bait or equipment, when it comes to an educated

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