We have far more services and expertise to offer than we seem to be able to produce webpages for. They’re on the way. In the meantime, if you find yourself at conflict with the nature around you, we can probably help.

Consulting and Training

We are involved in research projects, policy development, and many large-scale wildlife management programs. From training municipalites to better manage their aquatic mammals, to jobsite safety training for remote workers operating in locations with dangerous wildlife.

Pest Control Services

Even though we don’t like the term “pest”, we do offer effective and long-term services to help you manage possible conflicts with wildlife we often refer to as pests. 

Ant Control

Commercial Pest Control

Insect Services

Pest Control

Pest Impact Strategy Audit

Rat Control




Wildlife Control Services

Our wildlife services range extensively, we do not have a set list of services nor a defined scope we work in. From wildlife in your place of living or work, to complex wildlife management strategies, we count ourselves the experts.

Beaver control

Bird Control

Rat Control

Squirrel Control

Wildlife Services