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A skilled approach to integrated pest management strategies that focuses on the root cause. Humane Solutions does not use rodenticides, we are not your typical pest management company.

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Following a decades-long collaborative effort between Canadian humanitarian and research agencies, the most recent pesticide regulation went into effect in July 2021 in British Columbia. The second-generation anticoagulant rodenticide ban imparts more regulation on who can buy, use, and distribute pesticides, while also implementing regulations on disposal and record-keeping of rodenticide.This most recent regulation was put in place after residents throughout Vancouver and British Columbia voiced their concerns about harmful chemical extermination products and their effects on the surrounding wildlife. While some industry professionals are exempt from the rodenticide ban, it is meant to be a last resort in extermination for even those that are exempt.

1. We exclude access points. 2. Install a one-way door. 3. They leave in one night.

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Humane Solutions partners with local contractors and builders to pest proof during or directly after the construction phase to protect your home from winter damage. Many insurance policies do not cover pest damage. We specialize in premium and new builds, plus commercial properties.

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Maybe you want to take a step back and look at the big picture before you pull the trigger on a new program or provider. Or maybe you have a pest-related problem you are having trouble solving. If this sounds like you, starting with a PISA could be the best starting point.

For the cost of an average callout, a PISA will empower you to make cost-effective, sustainable pest management decisions.

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