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Data-Powered Pest Control

We offer most pest controls services, from insects to larger wildlife. Our methods are unique to our company, as is our proprietary pest control tracking system and client dashboard.

Our unique pest management system continuously tracks all equipment and activities on your property, updating your personalized system in real time. The interactive dashboard and customizable features ensure that the entire system is tailored to your individual requirements. With our approach, you can bid farewell to outdated pest control methods and say hello to a smarter and more humane solution.

Permanent Results, Eco-Friendly Methods
A skilled approach to integrated pest management strategies that focuses on the root cause. Humane Solutions does not use rodenticides, we are not your typical pest management company.

Large, Complex Properties Should Shop Pest Control Armed With Knowledge

Start with a Pest Impact Strategy Audit

Large properties should approach any management contract with caution. Ensure you receive the services you need for fair market price by arming your request for quotes with real information about your property.

For the cost of an average callout, a PISA will empower you to make cost-effective, sustainable pest management decisions that could have systemic impacts on your property and operational budget. 

How Can We Help You?

Humane Solutions partners with local contractors and builders to pest proof during or directly after the construction phase to protect your home from winter damage. Many insurance policies do not cover pest damage. We specialize in premium and new builds, plus commercial properties.

Get In Touch

We offer many wildlife control and pest control services and have a wide range of expertise, so bounce your idea off us. Even if we can’t offer direct service, we can usually help define a direction. 


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