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Pest management calls regarding rodent populations are not new to Humane Solutions.  While these jobs are among our most frequent service calls, we were struck by both the human/animal welfare situation that we discovered at a Vancouver Single Resident Occupancy (SRO) hotel in downtown Vancouver. A breeding pair of rats,

The global pest control industry is worth over $20 billion dollars annually and growing at an aggressive rate. 20% of that revenue is reported to be generated from rodent control, and the vast majority of rodent control revenue is generated from recurring rodenticide contracts. At no point since the inception

Our team is very excited to be working closely with the District of Squamish to reduce human-wildlife conflicts. Squamish is known as a high-density wildlife area where residents are used to encountering a variety of species frequently, they are also known to be innovative and efficient in their policy development and implementation,

We break down the BC ban on rodenticides and what it might mean on your property. Opinions from local experts - is the ban enough?

Handmade in Vancouver, British Columbia by Humane Solutions Inc. These are the same stations we use for our professional contracts and we have made...

Humane Solutions' Fish Lyft innovation is the answer beaver and salmon conservationists have been waiting for.

Humane Solutions sweeps the Vancouver BC 2021 pest control awards with 100% sustainable services. Award-winning, eco-friendly pest control services.

Sign the petition and lend your voice to the ever-growing movement to ban rodenticides in BC. Headed by our friends at Rodenticide Free BC and Defend...

Aggressive coyotes are an increasing issue in urban environments

Putting the pest control industry on notice. Humane Solutions has skyrocketed to the top of the industry in just a few short years.

The ultimate guide for do-it-yourself rodent removal, pest-proofing, and trapping. Remove the rats and mice from your home yourself. Call if you need...