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Welcome to Humane Solutions – The Local Leader in Eco-Friendly Wildlife and Pest Control

We are committed to offering the best wildlife services at the lowest cost. Our mission is to change the industry for the better while offering humane and sustainable solutions to human/wildlife conflicts. We always identify and mitigate the root problem, and achieve permanent results.  

We have the best team in wildlife and pest management, and we are poised to make a real difference in the industry!

Humane Solutions is owned, operated, and staffed by biologists, sustainability experts, and students. We are a local business dedicated to diverting money away from ineffective and environmentally degrading wildlife management strategies, and providing humane and effective permanent results for our valued clients. We run a business model that does not allow for unhappy customers and half-finished jobs, once we shake hands we do whatever it takes to finish the job. 

Our Team

We solve wildlife problems fast and with your wallet in mind, and we always go for the permanent fix. We have same-day removal options for many species, and 1-2 day removal for rodents.

Show us a competing quote and we’ll beat it.

We do our very best to give you the best price possible, we like it when our customers and ourselves are existing in a win-win relationship.

1+ year inclusive warranties come standard with all of our structural services, as well as many trapping/removal services.

If your wildlife problem is occurring in the interior of a structure, there are structural flaws allowing a ‘flow’ of pests. Until these access points are addressed, the problem cannot be permanently resolved. Access point identification and exclusion come standard with all of our structural services.

We make it a priority to develop a relationship with our customers. Returning customers or clients subscribed to ongoing services are rewarded with aggressive discounts.

Humane Solutions and our technicians hold all necessary certificates and licenses to offer our customers the full suite of wildlife-related services.

We operate under sweeping general liability coverage, so there is nothing for our customers to worry about on their end.

Our technicians are skilled in everything from landscaping, to framing, to roofing. Sometimes it takes a Jack of all trades to deal with a wildlife problem in its entirety, you can trust that our team can solve your issue from beginning to end, without question.

Experts in Non-Lethal Pest and Wildlife Removal

We use non-lethal and minimal-impact techniques whenever possible. Often, these methods are the most effective. From live-trapping to one-way doors, we can remove wildlife from your property immediately, and permanently.

One-way doors are always the most effective, and humane tool when dealing with a structural wildlife problem.

One-way doors are the most humane way to deal with wildlife in a structure. The door will ensure every individual leaves within 1-2 days, and effective pest-proofing (exclusion) keeps them out. The critter will quickly learn that the structure is their home no longer, and often head directly to a predetermined backup den.

Not only are one-way doors the most humane option, but they’re often the most effective. When used properly, ALL the individuals in a structure will leave through the door within 1-2 days. We can use this method for rats, squirrels, raccoons, and skunks.

If you hire us for a robust pest proofing (which everyone should!), there is no need to even set a trap. Every individual in the structure is free to leave through the door on their own accord, and they’ll be gone forever. What is better than that?

Although live trapping can be considered better than lethal control, even this is not always true. The reality is that most animals will die within 3 months after being relocated outside of their home range. This is because they are being removed from the ecosystem they know, and into an ecosystem in which all the resources are already partitioned out. If hunger and/or disease do not get them, the resident animals or human-related factors typically do. In this case, unfortunately, lethal control is often the most humane approach.

Poison-Free, Permanent Solutions
Customers Converted From Poison Services

5/5 Star Reviews Across All Review Platforms

I can’t be happier with the service I received from Humane Solutions. Joe was both professional and reliable. Joe even went out of his way to make a Sunday trip to our place and put my mind at ease. I couldn’t recommend Humane Solutions enough!

Barb T
I contacted Joe to address a roof rat issue. I have no experience with rodents, but Joe patiently and promptly answered all my questions, and provided a thorough and knowledgeable site assessment. I recommend Humane Solutions for anyone looking for a humane and sustainable answer to wildlife and pest issues.

Dealing with mice is a very stressful and un-fun situation. Joe, however, was the utmost professional in not only solving our situation, but making sure that our concerns and worries were dealt with every step of the way. He was very transparent and honest. He outlined the various solutions he could undertake and their chances of success. He made us feel confident that our problem could be effectively solved.

It was a pleasure working with Joe. While the circumstances of his visit were less than ideal, I’m glad we had him on our side.

Kevin L

Joe was professional, prompt, and extremely helpful. He was able to get rid of the squirrels quickly and humanely. We would recommend him, and definitely use him again!

Stonehouse Team

Humane Solutions provided excellent service in blocking up squirrel access to our attic and especially with followup when additional work was needed. Joe A., who did the work, is also the owner and was very competent, responsible and responsive to our requests. Service was reasonably priced, with a guarantee that was honoured. No hesitation in providing full recommendation.

Peter S

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