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Our proprietary skunk control methods can remove skunks from your property or structures with immediate, permanent results. No need to trap!

Pest Proofing For Skunks

If skunks are denning under your steps, shed, wood pile, etc., the best use of your money is to address the shelter resource. Doing so will ensure an overnight and permanent result.

Open-Space Skunk Deterrents

The most common conflict with skunks is denning on the property, but sometimes they are just hanging out and equally troublesome. There are a variety of methods and technologies to install on your property to deter skunk activity.

Overnight Skunk Removal From Structures

We pest proof the structures to skunk spec, install one-way doors to allow any skunks to exit, then seal up a few days later. It works overnight and we gaurantee the results for years.

Overnight Skunk Removal

Most skunk conflicts can be solved simply by taking away the attractant/resource and maybe making them a little uncomfortable on the way out. Forcing skunks out of your property with one-way doors and resource mitigation allows for a humane, overnight process with permanent results.

skunks removed from under house using one way doors

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Permanent Skunk Removal

We are the only company that advertises an overnight result for skunks, we can do this because the skunk control methodolgy we have developed over the years really works.

Our skunk control process usually looks like this:

  1. In-depth assessment
  2. Address available resources and structural flaws
  3. Install one-way doors to allow trapped skunks to exit
  4. Pull equipment and apply the warranty to structural work

Skunks can establish on your property very quickly, often before people know they are there. It is important to move them along, as once they have babies or are fully situated, they can be more invested in the property and therefor harder to move. 

Additionally, skunks in the Vancouver area have recently tested positive for bird flu, so maintaining safe distance and boundaries is strongly recommended.

We are arguably the best-reviewed wildlife & pest control service in Metro Vancouver.

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