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Skunk Control Vancouver and Lower Mainland

Humane Solutions offers both exclusion and relocation services for skunks. Skunks can often be excluded from their den with one-way doors, at which point they move along. If not, live trapping and relocation must precede any exclusion effort. Either way, we can deal with your skunk problem quickly and humanely.

The structural approach is as follows:

Skunks like to den under sheds, decks, steps etc. The treatment for this is to dig a 1.5 x 1.5ft trench around the perimeter of the structure and run heavy gauge screen down from the structure into the trench, effectively making an “L’ shape. We then leave a little hole and attach a one-way door; the skunk will be gone within 24 hours and then a quick, final seal up is all that is left.

Vancouver's Best Skunk Control

We are Vancouver's experts when it comes to skunk control, removal, and prevention. We use the very best equipment and techniques to quickly and cheapy deal with your skunk problem.

Vancouver's Most Humane Skunk Control

We are the local industry leader in humane skunk control. We use only certified and humane trapping equipment and methods to efficiently manage your skunk problem in a way we can all be proud of.

Try To Avoid Live Trapping

As tempting as physical trapping and relocation is, the reality is that most animals will perish within a few months following relocation from their home range. Skunks are usually attracted by either food and water resources, or denning opportunities under decks, sheds, and steps. Mitigating these resources is easy and cheap, and skunks will move on promptly.


We use only certified and humane trapping equipment and methods. Live trapping and relocation, or -- in extreme cases -- lethal options are available. We can effectively target and remove individual problem skunks. Trust our trained technicians to rid you of your skunks!

Exclusion (Pest Proofing)

Skunks will usually den under your steps, deck, or shed etc. The easiest way to deal with this type of problem is to deter the skunk from the property, and exclude any access to these structures. The skunk will quickly realize that this is their home no longer, and will move on promptly. Removal via exclusion is definitely the most humane option, and often the cheapest.


We offer a minimum 1-year inclusive warranty on all structural work for skunks. We're the best of the best when it comes to exclusion, and you have nothing to worry about with our industry-leading warranty.

Skunk Encounters

Humane Solutions - Skunk Control Vancouver

Occasional skunk sightings in a neighborhood are not a cause for alarm. Because skunks are generally easy-going, they will not intentionally bother people. In fact, skunks may benefit humans by eating many insects and rodents many regard as pests.

Skunk Warning Signs

Humane Solutions - Skunk Control Vancouver

Skunks use their powerful defense only when themselves or their young are threatened and cannot escape. Even then, they give ample warning that should be heeded — stamping front feet, a raised tail, hissing, short forward charges and twisting their hind end around in your direction. 


Humane Solutions - Skunk Control Vancouver

Because of the lingering odor, and fear of being sprayed it may be hard for some people to tolerate skunks living under a deck or old shed. But skunks need shelter when they are most vulnerable (during the coldest parts of the winter and when raising young).

The nocturnal habits of skunks, their non-aggressive nature and the beneficial role they play are all good reasons to leave them alone until they have moved on their own accord (which they readily do) or can safely be encouraged to leave an area where they are not wanted.

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