Pest Proofing

A premium Pest Proofing and wildlife exclusion service

Wildlife or pests inside your structure? You need a pest proofing service… we like to call it structural exclusion.

Don’t Blame the Wildlife, Blame the Building Codes.

Every. Single. Building. is built with inherent flaws that allow easy access for a variety of wildlife, so it is really just a matter of time until you will have an issue. We work on 1910 houses, Vancouver Specials, new builds and everything in between. We see the same flaws across the structures, indicating this is a pervasive issue and should be tackled at the policy level, ie. building codes.

Our team has spent years developing our proprietary strategies to ensure we are able to deliver a consistent and reliable service regardless of the structure, its unique characte

We can exclude wildlife from any structure, and we offer a minimum 1-year warranty on all full-scope exclusion services.
ristics, or the wildlife involved.

Pest-proof your new build or roof before it’s a problem.

In this case, proactivity is guaranteed to save you money. We work with individuals overseeing their own builds as well as developers to ensure their new investment is protected from day one.

Waiting for a problem to occur often costs many times more to rectify than a full, preventative structural exclusion service.