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Do you have a wasp problem at your home or business?

Wasps and hornets can move onto your property and multiply in a very short time. You know what comes next - accidentally disturbing a nest, or simply a seemingly unprovoked sting. Call a pro and remove the hazard for good!

Wasp Control Vancouver, BC

Same-day wasp removal.

We have perfected our wasp extermination techniques. Our techs are usually in most neighbourhoods on any given day, and due to the urgency of wasp problems, we endeavour to address wasp nest removals within 24 hours.

Wasp Control Vancouver, BC

Prevent future nests.

An established nest has to be removed, so that is always the first step. Upon completion, our technicians will advise on necessary steps to ensure further wasp problems can be avoided long-term.

Wasp Control Vancouver, BC

Guaranteed Services.

All of our wasp and hornet removal services come with a warranty on the treated nest. We ensure the nest is properly addressed, and if the same wasps continue to be a problem we'll come back for free.

Vancouver's Best-Reviewed Wasp Control Company

Let us permanently solve your wasp problem!

Wasp Control

"From the first call to the follow-up call after the service was complete, Emma and the rest of the Humane Solutions team were professional, courteous and amazing with time! Highly recommend them if you have any unwanted critters scurrying/flying/buzzing about."

Avi M.

Hornet Control

"Humane Solutions is a company that truly cares about its customers and their wildlife concerns. They are a solutions-based company that works hard to fix problems without the use of nasty poisons or other ineffective, unsafe, methods. They provided me with prompt service and worked to seal off my building keeping persistent pests out.
Well done! Thank you for your hard work!"

Quinn K.

Wasp Control

"WOW!! Spoke with Joe today, and I have to say, I am impressed! A cut above the rest!! Such a wealth of knowledge and skill set that is safe and trustworthy. A person who knows his stuff and cares! He really understands the importance of getting to the root of the problem. His company believes that turning a blind eye to access points and throwing money away on poison is not the SOLUTION. He took the time and care to explain things that made my decision easy. Hire someone you trust. Bonus, he made all the necessary referrals too! I know our family members pest problems rests in good hands!"

Erin S.

90+ 5-star reviews and counting!

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Wasp Extermination Services for Every Customer and Industry

Residential | Commercial | Municipal | Industrial

Professional and humane wasp removal services for every industry and every situation. Backed by science and an expert team, when you work with us you can be confident you will get the results you want.

Wasp Extermination Methods

Wasp Nest Removal Vancouver BC

Chemical Treatments

We use the latest, eco-friendly wasp control products to deal with the physical nests and individual wasps. We always ensure that any treatment does not put your family or pets at risk, and the approach is discussed with our clients before we commence the service.

Wasp Exterminator Vancouver BC

Alternative Methods

We have options for clients that are strictly chemical-free. Some wasp and hornet problems can be solved by simply disturbing the nest, waiting for most of the wasps to leave, and then addressing the structural flaw which allowed nesting in the first place.

Local Wasp & Hornet Species

Yellow Jackets

Wasp Exterminator Vancouver BC

Yellowjackets are commonly mistaken for other wasps, such as paper wasps. Typically 12mm long with alternating bands on the abdomen. These wasps have lance-like stingers with barbs and often sting repeatedly.

Paper Wasps
Polistes Wasp
Mud Dauber

Residential Wasp Control

Struggling with wasps on your residential property? Trust our expert wasp treatment process. Additionally, we can help identify available resources, and assess the potential for permanent wasp exclusion.

Commercial Wasp Control

Many commercial and industrial operations in BC have ongoing problems with wasps. We have cost-effective, comprehensive pest management programs that will keep you wasp-free, and ultimately save you money.

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Get comfortable in your space again!

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