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Award-winning services that range from overnight structural removal, raccoon-proofing structures, and strategies such as deterrents for raccoons causing problems in open spaces.

Pest Proofing For Raccoons

If a raccoon is in your house, workplace, garage etc., your problem is fundamentally structural. We will pest proof what is necessary, install one-way doors to vacate the raccoons overnight, and we gaurantee the results for years.

Raccoon Deterrents For Open Spaces

We are experienced in many types of deterrents for raccoons, such as motion activated sprinklers, lights, sounds, and even charged fences.

Overnight Raccoon Removal From Structures

Using skilled pest-proofing techniques and one-way doors, we can force raccoons to vacate the structure within 24 hours, upon failing to regain entry they self-relocate.

Gauranteed Raccoon Removal

Raccoons might hulk their way into your attic or storage space, or they might practically walk in through built-in flaws common on many structures. Our technicians will remove the raccoons and functionally raccoon-proof your property, gauranteed with our industry leading warranty.

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Permanent & Humane Raccoon Removal Requires Unique Expertise

We are the only company that advertises an overnight result, we can do this because the raccoon control methodolgy we have developed over the years really works.

Our raccoon control process usually looks like this:

  1. In-depth assessment
  2. Address available resources and structural flaws
  3. Install one-way doors to allow raccoons to exit to exit
  4. Pull equipment and apply the warranty to structural work

Although raccoons are common and encounters are typically not eventful, they can get aggressive once they establish on your property, especially if they have young. Additionally, they tend to create toilet areas which quickly build up with feces. Raccoon feces can be especially dangerous.

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