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Professional Mouse Control Services

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Pest Proofing For Mice

Other companies might have told you it's impossible or unaffordable, we can prove to you that it is not, especially compared to endless poison applications.

Data-Informed Mouse Trapping

Where mouse population management is required, we use safe and humane trapping stations and provide frequent reports with real-time data.

Rodenticide Free Methods

Rodenticide isn't just a nasty way to go, it ultimately fails to permanently solve rodent infestations and often results in mice decaying in living/working spaces. Our methods are more effective and we can prove it.

We are arguably the best-reviewed wildlife & pest control service in Metro Vancouver.

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Permanent Mouse Removal Requires Unique Expertise

Our mouse control process usually looks like this:

  1. In-depth assessment
  2. Address available resources and structural flaws to isolate and pressure the population
  3. Set trapping stations to address population
  4. Pull equipment and apply the warranty to structural work

Mice and rats can reproduce quickly. If you spot signs of a potential rodent infestation, you should act fast to minimize potential property damage and mitigate health and safety concerns.

Avoid The Poison Scam

Putting a poison station next to a mouse or rat entry point is similar to paying a roofer to change the bucket under the leak in your roof… you just wouldn’t do that. This is the industry standard, we offer more, you should demand more!

Poison station for rodents set next to active entry point

Solve Your Mouse Problem Today

Free quoting options and fast service, give us a call and lets work towards that permanent result. 

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Large, Complex Properties Should Shop Pest Control Armed With Knowledge

Start with a Pest Impact Strategy Audit

Large properties should approach any management contract with caution. Ensure you receive the services you need for fair market price by arming your request for quotes with real information about your property.

For the cost of an average callout, a PISA will empower you to make cost-effective, sustainable pest management decisions that could have systemic impacts on your property and operational budget. 

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