Overnight Pest & Wildlife Removal

 We can remove a variety of wildlife from your structure overnight by professionally pest proofing the structure and installing one-way doors to force exit. The result is literally overnight, guaranteed!

How Overnight Pest & Wildlife Removal Works

Identify Entry Points & Structural Flaws

Our trained technicians conduct a comprehensive structural inspection to identify all active entry points and structural flaws that can easily be exploited as an entry point in the future.

Pest Proof & Install One-Way Doors

We then professionally pest proof your structure and install one-way doors on active entry points. The wildlife will exit through the one-way doors within 24 hours and become locked outside.

Follow-Up & Apply Warranty

We stay in touch after the treatment to confirm the wildlife has left and provide follow-up services if needed. Once there’s no activity, we remove the one-way doors and offer our top-rated warranty for lasting protection.

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We Are The Industry-Leaders In Pest Proofing

Our pest proofing service exceeds the usual industry benchmarks in every way. We employ superior materials and proven techniques, ensuring your property remains pest-free for the long haul.

Leave Pest & Wildlife Removal To The Pros

For expert pest proofing and guaranteed pest & wildlife removal, trust in our team’s deep knowledge. We understand pest behaviors and habitats thoroughly, which lets us quickly solve any pest problem.

With the most up-to-date equipment and practices, we deal with pest challenges decisively, making sure pests can’t come back. Choose our expert services for a secure place and non-stop, easy property care.

How does overnight pest and wildlife removal work?

Our process includes installing one-way doors and sealing entry points to ensure pests and wildlife can leave but not re-enter, typically resolving your issue by the next day.

What types of pests and wildlife can you remove overnight?

We can remove a variety of animals ranging from rats, raccoons and squirrels to bats and birds, depending on the specific situation and species behavior.

Is overnight removal really effective?

Yes, our methods are designed for quick and effective removal, capitalizing on the animals’ natural behaviors to ensure they vacate promptly.

Are the animals harmed during the overnight removal process?

No, our removal methods are humane and designed to safely guide the animals out without harm.

What happens if the pests or wildlife don't leave overnight?

While rare, if the animals don’t leave as expected, we will reassess and implement additional measures to resolve the issue.

Can overnight removal services handle large infestations?

Yes, our services are scalable to handle infestations of any size, ensuring all unwanted guests are removed.

Is overnight pest and wildlife removal more expensive than standard removal?

Our pricing is competitive and reflects the urgency and efficiency of overnight removal, providing value through swift resolution.

Will you pest-proof my property as part of the overnight removal?

Pest-proofing can be included to prevent future infestations, creating a long-term solution for your property.

How can I be sure the pests or wildlife won't return?

Along with removal, we provide expert pest-proofing services to secure your property against future invasions.

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