Rat Control Vancouver and Lower Mainland

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Check out the Community Rat Management Project, our trapping alternative to rodenticides.


Vancouver’s Most Efficient Rat Control

We have an efficient, targeted, and cost-effective solution to your rat problem, regardless of the situation. From interior to exterior, we’ve got you covered. 

Vancouver’s Most Humane Rat Control

Depending on the situation, we may use one-way doors, live traps, lethal traps, or a combination of the three. Regardless of the methods used, we always ensure that we are operating in the most humane way possible. 

Do Not Fall for the Industry Standard

To put it bluntly; the industry standard is to avoid addressing the root cause of a rat problem. This is to secure ongoing income via recurring trapping programs or poison applications. If your pest controller is not putting your money towards attempting to achieve a permanent result, you are being taken advantage of. We go straight for the permanent fix.

We Will Beat Any Competing Quote

We are experts at identifying accesses and effectively pest-proofing structures. We are so confident in our ability that we offer 1-year warranties on all exclusion jobs at a minimum! Do not waste your money on removing rats from your structure until you have addressed the structural issues.

Most companies will charge you for a trapping service, and then an exclusion service. We conveniently incorporate it into a cheap and effective service that starts with a full pest-proofing, we can remove rats in 1-2 days and keep them out permanently. 

We are experts at both interior, and exterior rat trapping. We use only the best humane traps and trapping methods to not only quickly and cheaply remove individual rats but do it in a way that aligns with your ethics.

If you think you have might have rats, or if you want to know if you are at risk of a rat infestation, we can point out all the issues on your property for a small fee. We can even write it up in a report with pictures for clarity.

This is the tricky one. The industry standard for rat problems outside is to dump as much poison as the customer can buy on an ongoing basis. Not only is this practice terrible for the environment, but it is laughably ineffective. Rats learn what poison boxes are, just as they learn what traps are, and the reality is that most of the time those boxes are going untouched.

For serious problems, we can target individual populations with specific trapping programs, designed to reduce your population quickly and effectively. Should you have another flair-up, we do it again.

For general management and proactivity we recommend you join the Community Rat Management Project – a cost effective trapping alternative to recurring poison services!

Rats choose locations because of available resources, and the quantity of these resources dictates the local carrying capacity. Once you address the resources which are sustaining your rat population, you will no longer have an aggressive rat problem. This is the BEST way forward for any large rat infestation. Resources can include standing water, garbage, fruit trees, access to structures, and various other essentials to mammalian life.