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Professional Bird Control Services

Humane Solutions’ bird management services are informed by the latest research and best practices, performed by trained and experienced field techs, and overseen by industry-leading expertise. 

Long-Term Results with birds Requires Experience & Creativity

Birds are practically elemental, they think and work as one seemingly without trying, but are as individually unique and unpredictable as any other animal. Birds can wreek havok on properties, job sites, and even large-scale outdoor spaces. They are notoriously frustrating as well, what might seem like a good strategy may only work for 5 mins, making for often a costly mistake. 

It is best to consult the pros for any major bird issues, even if you simply need direction.

Effective Bird Spiking & Netting

We use the highest quality materials. We quote transparently, and approach every project with skill and care..

Common Bird Control Property Issues

Birds can damage the paint and surfaces of your property, nest within building vents, and other obscure places. Bird nests nearby ventilation points could lead to airflow issues, fire hazards, or future mould.Wildlife such as birds are often breeding grounds for pests like fleas, ticks, and mites. These tiny creatures can transfer to household pets, and then to their owners and other people nearby.
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Expert and Innovative Bird Exclusion

Beyond standard services, we have already brought multiple new-to-industry netting solutions to the market, including modular magnetic netting which is to be implemented on Vancouver’s Iron Workers’ Memorial Bridge, check out our projects section.

Get In Touch

We offer many wildlife control and pest control services and have a wide range of expertise, so bounce your idea off us. Even if we can’t offer direct service, we can usually help define a direction. 


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