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Humane Solutions Offers a Variety of Bird Control Services for Many Species

Birds become a problem in areas where there is a source of food, warmth, shelter or adequate nesting habitat. Spiking and netting are the most effective and economical solutions for birds, however, more advanced options are available as well.

Vancouver’s Best Bird Control

We are the local leaders in all things bird control. We offer services for every species and are trained and skilled with every method of control and deterrent.

Vancouver’s Most Humane Bird Control

We are the industry leaders in humane bird control. We use only certified and the most humane bird control equipment and methods. Regardless of the species or situation, we have a humane solution that will align with your budget and ethics.

Be Careful Out There!

The bird deterrent industry is one of the most inflated and crooked. Many companies are charging double what the materials cost on top of unreasonable installation fees, all disguised in an innocent-looking price-per-foot format. Get a competing quote from Humane Solutions today!


We are the local leaders in pigeon spike installations. We know exactly where to put them, how many to install, and how big they should be. We ensure you only pay for the spikes you need, so you can save your pennies.

Our techs are masters at bird netting. It doesn’t matter what kind of structure or area you need to be netted off, we can make it happen. Your nets will look good, and the guaranteed quote will look even better.

There is a wide range of visual and audio deterrents available for many bird species. These can be helpful when an area is just too big to attempt spikes and nets. Our techs will be able to assess your problem and recommend/install the best deterrents for your needs and budget.

Sometimes physical removal is necessary before the installation of permanent exclusion or deterrents. Our techs are pros at effectively and humanely removing birds in bulk!

Sometimes physical removal is necessary before the installation of permanent exclusion or deterrents. Our techs are highly trained, safe, and pros at effectively and humanely removing birds in bulk!

Pigeon Control

Pigeons hold the dubious title of the number one pest bird the country. Domesticated over two thousand years ago, pigeons are unafraid of people and readily adapt to an urban environment. Because their droppings contain an acidic component that is highly corrosive, pigeons can cause a great deal of damage to your property in a short amount of time.

Crow Control

There are two main species of Crows, the large common crow found across the country and the smaller fish crow found in the Southeast. The Common Crow is a big black colored bird approximately 17 to 20 inches long with a strong stout build and a compressed bill. The Fishing Crow is a smaller darker version of the Common Crow. Both have a scavenger’s diet and will eat a wide variety of things. Such food items include insects, frogs, small snakes, eggs, mice and dead animal carcasses. Crows will also eat newly planted crops such as corn. Crows are well known for their intelligence. They are social birds and the flock is in constant communication making hunting or capture of the bird very difficult. The Crow’s native history along with its helpful bug eating habits have insured its Federally protected status.

Starling Control

Starlings rank just behind pigeons and sparrows as an urban bird pest. Starlings can be a nuisance in both urban and rural areas due to their nesting, eating and living habits. When the bird is in its flocking phase, thousands of starlings often overwhelm buildings and trees. Large scale buildup of feces from these flocks can lead to structural damage. The uric acid in the feces can corrode stone, metal and masonry. Gutters and drainage pipes clogged with starling nests often backup, causing extensive water damage. The bacteria, fungal agents and parasites in the feces also pose a health risk.

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