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We have various options for ant control, from exterior treatments, interior infestations, ant infestation prevention, and services for large commercial operations.

ant pest control services

Emergency Ant Control Services

When ants invade your home or workspace it can be overwhelming and you likely want immediate results. Count on Humane Solutions to quickly stop the problem and even prevent future infestations.

Large Scale Ant Infestations

Often ant infestations can be of larger scope than a simple one-off issue, ants can create unsafe and unhealthy situations, and even put entire structures at risk. Problems of this severity require an experienced, calm, and holistic approach.

Commercial Ant Control Services

Some commercial operations are going to be under seige by ants, and the war never stops. We offer effective and professional ant control programs for commercial operations, and we even have success "ant proofing" certain structures and spaces.

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Humane Solutions Inc.
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Eleanor BoyleEleanor Boyle
20:29 25 Nov 22
Humane Solutions was excellent. They assessed our Kitsilano apartment to see how mice were getting... in, then they plugged the entry points.Obviously very experienced. Also good humoured! And we appreciate the humane approach. We highly recommend Humane more
Rhoderick LisingRhoderick Lising
04:30 12 Oct 22
I have very happily used Human Solutions a few times in the last few years. I live in an old... character house that is prone to unwanted attention from pests and they have given me outstanding service time and again.From proofing my foundation against rodents, to repelling woodpeckers, to humanely ridding my roof of squirrels, they have helped me protect my home a number of times and always return to honour their warranty.Every time I have dealt with them they offer excellent and courteous service and always provide me with a fair and reasonable rate.I feel they are professional and very knowledgeable on how to humanely and efficiently proof my home against animal more
J TheoJ Theo
22:24 02 Aug 22
I highly recommend Humane Solutions. Joe and his team are hardworking, honest, reliable, extremely... professional and are excellent at solving complex pest control issues. I’m not sure what we would have done without Joe’s expertise, ingenuity and perseverance to resolve the complicated rat infestation situation we found ourselves in when we bought a house last year (which, unknown to us until the day we took possession) was infested with rats inside the walls and rat mites.It was a unique & complex situation which would not have been resolved without Joe’s commitment and ability to think outside the box. Despite installation of a top to bottom exterior rat exclusion with one way doors, rats continued to get into the walls somehow. I’m sure any other pest control company would have given up, but Joe was determined to stick with us until the problem was resolved.Joe suggested that because the house was 100+ yrs old, the rats could be getting in through an old, no longer used pipe entering the house under the foundation. Sometimes when piping was updated in old homes the old pipes were not capped off properly and remained open inside a wall or the foundation leaving an entry point for rodents. After extensive exploration including geoscanning the property to locate underground pipes, digging up exterior pipes leading into the foundation, camera scoping walls & floors, locating, exploring & repairing voids in the foundation, baiting exterior waste lines for evidence of rat activity, etc, Joe successfully located the entry point, and just as he suspected - it was an old uncapped pipe entering under the foundation into a void in a wall! The pipe has now been capped off and the rat problem is solved. Joe also did an excellent job rat proofing the garage on the property which was also infested with rats and fumigated the house to get rid of the rat mites.Humane Solutions is a local company. They provided much more personalized service than I’ve ever received from any other pest control company in the past 22 years of home ownership. I don’t know how we would have gotten through this extremely stressful situation without them. Thank you Joe & Ryan for all of your hard work and also to Emma & Angelica at the office for your support throughout this ordeal!read more
kevin shackletonkevin shackleton
23:57 25 Jun 22
I have worked humane solutions very professionalPrompt action , well organized great... comunication.You really can't go wrong . Its hard to see in the picture i have attached , the picture is showing how humane makes it possible to live with beavers. Joe and team have made a great impact on how to live with wild liferead more
Left FieldsLeft Fields
17:13 25 Jul 21
We are more than pleased to find people whose goal with wildlife is cohabitation and enhancement... rather than extermination. The staff replied promptly and did an excellent job in a courteous and thoughtful manner. We now have two gorgeous bat boxes, safely wrapped trees and a well-constructed beaver exclusion drain for our pond. We are looking forward to the future changes in our wetland and even more biodiversity. Our Organic and Salmon-Safe certification has been enhanced by their work. We highly recommend their more
Tony MittertreinerTony Mittertreiner
03:32 07 Jul 21
humane solutions responded promptly to my request for a quote, and once I agreed that they could do... the work it was done within a few days. I haven't inspected the work (it was on the roof) but from ground level the wire mesh looks like it was installed very nicely. My tenant was happy with the work they more being woken up by the starling family that had taken up lodging in our roof. Humane Solutions communicated frequently though the process so I understood what was happening and what to expect next. I didn't give 5 stars because some small debris was left around the house after they did the wire caging. Would certainly recommend this more

Professional Ant & Pest Control Services Powered By Data

Our results are powered by real world data from your property, our reports show you clearly how your pest management program is progressing.

Pest control programs often leave you blind. All you get is an invoice, you continue to have pests, and the invoices keep coming with no regard for results. Get out of the cycle and take control of your property.

Professional Approach to Ant control With Alternative Options

Our technicians are fully trained in traditional, chemical ant control methods. Beyond chemical control measures, we are often able to identify structural issues and available resources which if properly addressed, may have a permanent impact on your ant infestation problems, often negating the need for seasonal or more frequent treatments.

Effective Services For All Ant Species

Our ant control service will include a comprehensive inspection during which we will identify any structural issues, available resources, or strategies that can be implemented for long-term results. Photos are always available on request.

We service all species of ants:

        • Carpenter Ants
        • Flying Ants
        • Sugar Ants
        • Fire Ants
        • Pavement Ants
        • Really, if you’ve got ants, we have a solution

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We offer many wildlife control and pest control services and have a wide range of expertise, so bounce your idea off us. Even if we can’t offer direct service, we can usually help define a direction. 


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