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Professional Ant Control Services

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Our unique approach to ant control delivers fast, effective treatments that last.

We have various options for ant control, from exterior treatments, interior infestations, ant infestation prevention, and services for large commercial operations.

ant pest control services

Emergency Ant Control Services

When ants invade your home or workspace it can be overwhelming and you likely want immediate results. Count on Humane Solutions to quickly stop the problem and even prevent future infestations.

Large Scale Ant Infestations

Often ant infestations can be of larger scope than a simple one-off issue, ants can create unsafe and unhealthy situations, and even put entire structures at risk. Problems of this severity require an experienced, calm, and holistic approach.

Commercial Ant Control Services

Some commercial operations are going to be under seige by ants, and the war never stops. We offer effective and professional ant control programs for commercial operations, and we even have success "ant proofing" certain structures and spaces.

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Professional Ant & Pest Control Services Powered By Data

Our results are powered by real world data from your property, our reports show you clearly how your pest management program is progressing.

Pest control programs often leave you blind. All you get is an invoice, you continue to have pests, and the invoices keep coming with no regard for results. Get out of the cycle and take control of your property.

Professional Approach to Ant control With Alternative Options

Our technicians are fully trained in traditional, chemical ant control methods. Beyond chemical control measures, we are often able to identify structural issues and available resources which if properly addressed, may have a permanent impact on your ant infestation problems, often negating the need for seasonal or more frequent treatments.

Effective Services For All Ant Species

Our ant control service will include a comprehensive inspection during which we will identify any structural issues, available resources, or strategies that can be implemented for long-term results. Photos are always available on request.

We service all species of ants:

        • Carpenter Ants
        • Flying Ants
        • Sugar Ants
        • Fire Ants
        • Pavement Ants
        • Really, if you’ve got ants, we have a solution

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