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Vancouver’s Best Squirrel Control

We are the Lower Mainland’s leader in squirrel control and removal. We remove your squirrels, mitigate available resources, and repair any accesses to structures in one cheap and efficient service. We can permanently remove your squirrels in 1-2 days.

Vancouver’s Most Humane Squirrel Control

We use only the best certified and humane traps and methods. Utilizing a structural focus, we can quickly and permanently remove your squirrels in a way that you can be proud of.

Live Trapping Is Not as Humane as You Might Think

Granted, live trapping should be considered before lethal control. However, statistically, most animals do not survive longer than a few months following relocation from their home-range. Simply pest-proofing your structure is usually the best method for squirrels. Not only does this immediately remove the squirrels, but it prevents any others from gaining access.

We are experts at finding every access squirrels are using to access your structure, as well as common accesses that may not have been exploited yet. We can quickly and cheaply pest-proof your structure, permanently.

Depending on the situation, we may suggest either live trapping or lethal trapping (this is rare). We use only the most humane traps and methods available, we are experts at quickly and cheaply trapping squirrels.

We offer a minimum 1-year warranty on all exclusion work for squirrels, we are the industry leaders in squirrel exclusion. Try us out! You have nothing to lose with our all-inclusive warranty.

Grey Squirrels Are A Threat To Our Native Species By:

  • Damage Garry Oak trees bystripping bark and eating acorns
  • Eat the bulbs of Camas flowers
  • Compete with and displace

Native red squirrels:

  • Transfer diseases to red squirrels
  • Compete with native birds for tree cavities and bird feeders
  • Eat bird eggs and nestlings

Grey Squirrels Are Invasive

Eastern Grey Squirrels were introduced to Vancouver Island in 1966 from eastern North America. They are quickly spreading up the island from their point of introduction in Metchosin.

They cause damage to homes, gardens and farms by:

  • Digging up lawns and eating garden bulbs
  • Chewing on wire, removing shingles and shakes, and chewing through eaves to nest in attics, roofs and chimneys
  • Damaging nut trees and depleting nut production (hazelnuts and walnuts)
  • Removing bark from trees

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