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Training Services

At Humane Solutions Inc., we understand the vital role that training plays in wildlife management and pest control. Our commitment to excellence extends to our training services, designed to equip professionals and enthusiasts with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in these fields.

Humane Solutions Inc. employee standing on a beaver dam, providing wildlife management insights.

Our Training Services

Humane Solutions Inc. technician engaging with a child during a training session.

Wildlife ID & Behavior

Gain insights into the behavior of wildlife species, enhancing your ability to manage them effectively.

Humane Solutions Inc. expert providing advice on sustainable pest control at a construction site.

Humane Trapping Techniques

Learn humane trapping methods that prioritize the welfare of animals.

Manager Adrian from Humane Solutions Inc. presenting a humane rodent station to residents on a lawn.

Wildlife-Friendly Pest Management

Discover strategies for pest control that are environmentally responsible.

Children engaged in bear safety discussions at a Humane Solutions Inc. booth.

Wildlife Safety

Ensure the safety of your team with comprehensive training wildlife and fieldwork safety.

Hands-on training for installing a Beaver Flow Control Device.

Our Approach to Training

At Humane Solutions Inc., we take a personalized approach to training. Our experienced trainers understand that every client is unique, and we tailor our programs to meet your specific goals and requirements. With a focus on real-world scenarios, our training ensures that you’re prepared to tackle the challenges you’ll encounter in the field.


We actively engage in seminars and conventions related to wildlife management, pest control, and environmental sustainability. Our expert team frequently presents at these events, sharing our knowledge and innovative solutions with industry peers and the community. We believe that by educating and collaborating with others, we can advance responsible wildlife management and pest control practices. Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming presentations.

Manager Adrian from Humane Solutions Inc. presenting a humane rodent station to residents on a lawn.

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