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The industry standard is to neglect addressing the root cause in order to sell a poison service, which the pest control company is hoping will continue indefinitely. Rodenticide is not only inhumane, degrading our environment, and poisoning countless predators, pets, and even people, but it simply does not work. Subscribers of poison — from homeowners to entire countries — across the planet are all experiencing the same trend: an increasing poison budget is not equating to a decrease in rat populations, and more importantly, rat problems.

Rats in Your Space

We can remove rats from your structure in 1-2 days.

If rats are inside your structure, the focus should always be on the structure itself. Do not let someone convince you that it is not possible to pest-proof your structure, they usually are. Here is our process:

  • onsite consultation/quote
  • full pest-proofing
  • install one-way doors on main accesses
  • install humane traps both inside and on the exterior for 1-2 weeks

The rats typically vacate the structure through the one-way doors the same night, as they dehydrate very quickly. The effective exclusion keeps them out, and the traps catch any rats that decide to hang around and probe.

Minimum 1-year warranties on structural removals

Exterior Management

Scientific trapping and reporting using our CatchData methodology.

Instead of poison stations, we use humane trapping stations. Pretty simple! It usually costs about the same, because instead of paying a premium for the rodenticide itself, you pay for more frequent visits to maintain the trapping stations. Our stations look similar to poison stations; they are low-profile, secure, and no-sight. There are many benefits to our CatchData trapping program:

  • diverts poison away from ecosystem
  • seconds to kill vs 2-8 days
  • aligns with ethics
  • allows us to generate your CatchData reports
    • total rats
    • cost-per-rat
    • heat maps
    • and more…
  • knowing what we catch and where allows us to optimize and improve your service over time
  • CatchData reports allow us to prove the efficacy of our services, important for larger commercial, industrial, and government clients.

It takes a broad skillset to tackle rats in this way; from specialized animal behavior and trapping training, to varying trade skills, our technicians are equipped to tackle any structure of any size.


We show up on time, don’t leave until the job is done, and come back if/when we need to. No hassles and no surprises, we pride ourselves on being the easiest to deal with, and also offer the best services. Just read the reviews.

Aside from all necessary insurance and training, our industry-leading standard operating procedures, safe work protocols, and report practices make us an easy choice for client. From mom’s roof to a processing plant, we have the standards and PPE necessary to complete the job quickly and safely.

You have a problem involving fur or feathers? We have a poison-free, humane, and often non-lethal solution for you. Simple as that. We do it better, faster, cheaper, and together we help the environment.

We have to move away from ineffective, inhumane rodenticides.

How we manage our rodents has consequences.

Rodenticides are responsible for countless secondary-poisonings that span wild and domestic species. Birds of prey, predators, dogs and cats, and even humans are poisoned with rodenticides every day, in every county across the world. It’s time to start doing it right, and it we have worked hard to make it easier for us to make the change.

It is important.

  • rodents consume or contaminate up to 20% of the global food supply
  • rodents are responsible for billions of dollars of infrastructure damage and resource loss
  • billions are spent on controlling rats globally
  • thousands of children are poisoned by rodenticides every year
  • every tax-payer, and an unquantifiable amount of nature is affected by this policy failure

How We Are Innovating

Pest control is often undertaken using broad trial and error techniques through the process of elimination without the accurate understanding of how to best direct efforts to maximize efficacy and ensure sustainable results.

CatchData is a multi-purpose scientific monitoring system that we apply to each of our wildlife management services. Every application records time intervals, location, control strategy and catch count. The species-specific, real-time data allows the team to constantly improve and optimize our services, prove our models, and assure and empower our clients. As Humane Solutions values social and environmental sustainability at large, this data not only scientifically contributes on a localized scale but can be used for research collaboration, the evaluation of alternative management systems within the pest control industry, and challenging policies for improved application.  

We have proprietary technology under development which will automate our CatchData service for rodents, and hopefully compete with rodenticide on the global stage.

Recent Testimonial

Professional, knowledgeable, efficient, excellent. Solved my unknown critter problem, removed and blocked it from being able to re-enter the house.  Was able to set up a next-day appointment. Good communication.  Thanks!!!!

Trish D.

We’ve worked with two other pest control companies before (one of them one of the biggest in Vancouver), and from that I know what works and what doesn’t and who only wants your money. Joe and Nathan from Humane Solutions are the real deal. They know what they are doing, they are committed, they are great humans, and most of all they care: They didn’t stop working on our rats and mice issue in our detached heritage house until it was fixed. Problem solved, very reasonable pricing. We 100% recommend Humane Solutions!

Uwe G.

Prompt service, very thorough with the work. Had to call for re-servicing as the racoons found a different way in and Nathan was back the very next day without issue and patched up the hole. Highly recommended and will go back to them if I ever need the service again.

Inderjit W.

This morning a rat ran into our house from outside. After freaking out completely, we called three well known pest control agencies. We were given no sympathy for our plight, but provided with an exorbitant quote to come and set traps. I stumbled across your website after searching for traps myself and got connected to Joe. Joe was so helpful, had good suggestions, and offered to come out tomorrow to set a bunch of traps. His quote was much less than the others had provided but his attitude was what stood out. At this point, the rat has been independently located and we are hoping for a somewhat happy end to the story but in the meanwhile, I would recommend your company for anyone who needs pest assistance because attitude is everything.

Ragini K.

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