Novel Bridge Bird Exclusion Solution

Developed a modular, non-invasive bird exclusion solution for the ongoing Iron Workers Bridge restoration project.

*location and customer details redacted due to contract terms*

iron workers memorial bridge in vancouver bc


Birds from common pigeons to protected species like cormorants have been nesting in the hollow spaces of the steel members that make up the frame of the Iron Workers Bridge. 

Aside from creating health hazards for maintenance staff, the bird droppings contain acids that eat away at the protective coating which is essential for the longevity of steel structures in climates such as the Pacific Northwest.


The project required an innovative bird control solution which isn’t obviously available as an industry standard. Humane Solutions consulting services were procured to develop and propose a bird exclusion solution that would allow for excluding access to the structural holes in the steel members, while not compromising the paint or protective surfacing.

The Humane Solutions team went to the drawing board and came up with a proprietary magnetic, modular netting system which has since been named Mag-Nets®.

humane solutions technician holding a barred owl rescued from a job site

The Impact

The project is currently underway.

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