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Award-winning and innovative services designed to acheive long-lasting results you can be proud of.

What We Do

Pest Control

We provide effective and innovative pest control services to a broad range of customers in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland

Wildlife Control

From removing wildlife from your structure to deterring them from your property, we have the answer

High-Profile Wildlife

From governments to industrial sites, we specialize in helping high-profile customers deal with complex and sensitive wildlife issues.

About Humane Solutions

We Do It Different

Our acclaimed company distinguishes itself by delivering groundbreaking and impactful services that defy traditional industry norms, which typically favor profit over significant results. Known as the preferred choice for tackling immediate and novel challenges, our reputation for excellence is well-established.

Our Mission

Our mission centers on nurturing innovation and welcoming disruption. Dedicated to offering unique, solution-oriented services and products, we are committed to continuously redefining the standards of the wildlife management industry.

What Makes Us Different



From our prominent wildlife initiatives to our distinctive pest control programs, we deliver unmatched data and transparency through our proprietary techniques, meticulous data gathering, and comprehensive reporting.



We achieve results, even if it means creating new products or services from scratch. Our success in this area is why many of our most popular offerings were developed in-house and are exclusive to us.



Our outstanding reputation and swift expansion stem from our dedication to surpassing industry standards. We aim for service excellence, transparent practices, and environmentally sustainable methods.

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105 - 8898 Heather Street, Vancouver, BC, V6P 3S8