Wildlife Coordination & Education

Wildlife Coordination & Education

Managing critically important predator encounters airside.

*location and customer details redacted due to contract terms*


The District of Squamish is located within the unceded territory of the Squamish Nation between Vancouver and Whistler.


Nestled amid the mountains at the north end of Howe Sound, the District is a renowned recreational hot spot with roughly 20,000 permanent residents, more than 600,000 annual visitors and a vibrant wildlife population.

In 2021, Humane Solutions was retained as the District’s Wildlife Coordination and Education Services contract with the mandate to build on past results and maintain the community’s “Bear Smart” status.



Humane Solutions operates as a functional coordination partner for the district, as well as offering our unique expertise when needed. 

We organize and facilitate key elements of a successful wildlife mangement program; meetings, wildlife programs, oversee and implement educational campaigns at public events and schools.

The Impact

The program has been running successfully and progress is being made across the various metrics.

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