The Sustainable BC Pest Management Station

Here at Humane Solutions, we are always looking for sustainable solutions to pest control conflicts, and we don’t hesitate to innovate our own products and services when nothing in the market is adequate. Well, we did it again! And we couldn’t be more excited about it.

Introducing our new Sustainable Pest Management Stations.

The station is a combination of some classic proven designs and some new innovative features informed from our experience as ethical pest control and wildlife management professionals.

The station accepts a variety of traps to target mice, rats, rodents in general, and even insects.

How it Works

The station is a secure and safe housing for whichever trap or control device you decide to put inside. Simply remove the lid, place your baited and set devices on the insert,  lower the insert back into the station, and reinstall the lid. Place the stations against a wall or edge of a structure, near where you are noticing pest activity.

Joe Abercrombie giving a quick intro to the product.

Why We Built It

We took the step to design a trapping station that can be used for a variety of species and has all of the features we require for efficacy and safety. Better yet, these look way better than anything else on the market.

We decided we were done with poorly built traps and plastic, imported stations. Even though we were using them to do humane, ethical work, we didn’t feel good about it.”

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Joe Abercrombie and his father, Jeff, turning out the first orders for our professional clients. We have since converted our workshop into somewhat of an assembly line. 

How You Can Get One

If you have pest problems on your property, this is the product to get. There are two ways you can have these working on your property:

1. Purchase Online

The station is listed in our online store along with different trapping supplies and our coveted secret bait! Our products will also be available on the major online marketplaces in the near future.


2. Hire Humane Solutions

We provide a wide range of wildlife and pest control services across the Lower Mainland, Gulf and Vancouver Islands, and the interior British Columbia. If you have a pest control issue and are in our service area, give us a call to discuss a professional service. We use this equipment as a standard on our professional contracts, join the community!

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more big news.

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