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Protecta Evo Trapping Station

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Protecta Evo Trapping Station


Fitting perfectly into tight baiting situations, the Protecta Evo Ambush is low to the ground, setting it up for the perfect surprise attack. Despite its low profile design, the Ambush still allows room for the Trapper T-rex rat trap, for times when trapping is a necessary step in the IPM program.

Quick servicing and removable tray for easy cleaning. Fast: Single locking mechanism provides quick servicing combined with a station that is strong enough to provide a high level of tamper-resistance

Tamper-Resistant for Kids & Dogs: The station can only be accessed once it has been opened with the key. The baffles keep bait and trap out of reach of children and non-target animals for peace of mind.

Other Features: Made from 100% recycled, heavy-duty injection-molded plastic. Key location guide; symmetrical key self-orients into the lock. The bell barcode sticker is pre-installed & ready to use with your tracking software. Service label cards can be zip tied to the outside of the station.