Pest and Wildlife Consultation and Training Vancouver and Lower Mainland

Trust The Local Experts For Your Consultation Needs

We know everything wildlife; from ecology to management we can offer advice, assistance, and guidance on anything wildlife related.

Want To Learn How To Manage Your Own Wildlife?

Humane Solutions is always happy to share knowledge, and nothing makes us happier than equipping others with the necessary skills and tools to humanely manage their own wildlife.

Changing the Industry

We use only certified and humane equipment and methods for every service we offer. Our methods are always situated in the endeavor of improving the environment and achieving environmental sustainability. Changing the industry starts with the consumers, you! Let us teach you how to end your dependence on pest control companies that have a poison for every situation, not an eco-friendly solution.

We can teach you how to humanely and effectively trap, identify and exclude access points, and identify and mitigate available resources. Learn for yourself and take control, it is easy stuff!

Are you a wildlife professional that wants to learn techniques for a specific animal or situation? Give us a shout, we’re happy to share our tips and tricks, knowing we’re expanding humane practices further than our operating range.

Does your business have ongoing wildlife and pest problems and you’re tired of hiring pest control companies? No problem, we can teach you and your staff how to manage your own problems safely, humanely, and efficiently. Most of the time this is simple stuff, having your team put minimal effort into wildlife mitigation could relieve you of your dependence on pest control.