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Skunk Control and Removal Vancouver BC - Humane Solutions

Same-day skunk removal

We can permanently remove skunks from your structure and property using one-way doors and specialized exclusion methods. Skunks will self-relocate within 24-48 hours.

Skunk Control and Removal Vancouver BC - Humane Solutions

Expert skunk pest-proofing

We are the local leaders in effective skunk pest-proofing. If skunks are in your structure, it will literally be a never-ending problem until the skunk accesses are effectively pest-proofed.

Skunk Control and Removal Vancouver BC - Humane Solutions

Safe for people and pets

Our methods are 100% safe and non-toxic for all species aside from the skunks we are targeting. We even make our own proprietary food-grade skunk bait!

Chilliwack's best-reviewed skunk control company

Let us permanently solve your skunk problem!

Skunk Control

"Jeremy was awesome! Super professional and did an amazing job. The board he cut to cover our front porch is carpenter quality!"

Dina L.

Skunk Control

"The crew came on time and did a good job. The follow up process was also very good, Overall the company did an excellent job in solving out rodent problem. I would recommend to all of my friends if they need a wildlife control in their homes."

Allen L.

Skunk Control

"Jeremy was prompt, polite and did a very tidy job getting rid of the skunk under my steps and closing of the area to prevent him coming back - all at a reasonable price."

P. McDonald

Mouse Control

"Humane Solutions did a wonderful job! Service was prompt and the workers were very diligent in their work and neat. It's not often that a company does as it advertises .I highly recommend them. And there really is no reason to shop around...they are that good and pricing is fair!"

Bruce M.

Skunk Control

"Humane Solutions is a company that truly cares about its customers and their wildlife concerns. They are a solutions based company that works hard to fix problems without the use of nasty poisons or other ineffective, unsafe, methods. They provided me prompt service and worked to seal off my building keeping persistent rodents out.
Well done! Thank you for your hard work!"

Quinn K

90+ 5-star reviews and counting!

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Humane skunk control for every customer

Residential | Commercial | Municipal | Industrial

We get calls for skunk control from every industry and sector. Skunks have learned to adapt to the ever-growing urban environment, and not only survive here, but thrive. It is important to address the root cause when dealing with your skunks, if you don't, you are just creating a void for new skunks to move in.

Residential Skunk Control Chilliwack

Struggling with skunks at your residential property? Chances are you need a raccoon removal expert. Remember, if skunks are inside, you have a structural problem. We can help regardless of the situation - don't hesitate to reach out!

Commercial Skunk Control Chilliwack

Many commercial operations are dealing with ongoing skunk problems, it's just that common. Don't jump to skunk relocation, as so many companies are quick to suggest. Address the root cause and realize a cost-effective, humane, and permanent result.

Skunks in your structure

If skunks are inside, there are active access-points that have to be dealt with. This is the first and foremost task, and will likely solve the problem without the need for skunk trapping and relocation.

  1. Onsite consultation/quote
  2. Full pest-proofing
  3. Install one-way doors on main skunk accesses
  4. Skunks should self-relocate with 24-48 hours
Skunk Control and Removal Vancouver BC - Humane Solutions
Skunk Control and Removal Vancouver BC - Humane Solutions

Skunk removal experts


Our technicians are expertly trained with wildlife handling and husbandry, and we take pride in being skilled and capable handymen with a wide range of skill sets. Skunks can be in your crawl space, under steps, decks, and even in living spaces - we will come up with an effective plan on the spot and ensure humane removal. Additionally, all of our skunk-proofing efforts will be appealing to the eye, permanent, and guaranteed.

Skunk relocation is not humane

Indisputably proven by science, when you relocate a skunk (or similar species) outside of its home range, you are most likely not only breaking up a family, but statistically, you are also condemning that animal to death. Knowing this, if removal is absolutely necessary, then we might as well just dispatch on site.

It is unfortunate that relocation is the industry-standard response to families of skunks foraging for grubs in lawns, regardless of how disrupting and damaging they are. We understand that this can be a difficult situation, but skunks are here to stay, so we have to start doing this differently.

Humane Solutions has instant and permanent removal services for skunks accessing structures, and a variety of services for managing skunks that happen to make themselves a nuisance outside.

Skunk problems that persist after all human activities and available resources are addressed can be considered for physical live-trapping and relocation.

Skunk Control and Removal Vancouver BC - Humane Solutions
Skunk Control and Removal Vancouver BC - Humane Solutions

Sprayed by a skunk?

Yeah... us too.

Here is the secret skunk removal recipe that WORKS. Mix the following:

  • 1 quart 3 percent hydrogen peroxide
  • 1/4 cup baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)
  • 1 teaspoon liquid soap or dish detergent
  • Mix these together and bathe ("shampoo" in or rub down) the spray victim thoroughly.
  • Be sure to use this mixture immediately after it is created, as it is unstable.
  • Let sit for five minutes and rinse with tap water afterward, and repeat if necessary.
  • For spray in the eyes, flush with water as soon as possible.


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