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Squirrel Control and Removal Vancouver BC Humane Solutions

Same-day squirrel removal

We can permanently remove squirrels from your structure using effective pest-proofing, humane traps, and one-way doors. Customers often find us after wasting time and money with companies that rely solely on trapping and relocation methods.

Squirrel Control and Removal Vancouver BC Humane Solutions

Expert squirrel pest-proofing

We are the local leaders in effective squirrel pest-proofing. If squirrels are in your structure, it will literally be a never-ending problem until the squirrel accesses are effectively pest-proofed.

Squirrel Control and Removal Vancouver BC Humane Solutions

Safe for people and pets

Our methods are 100% safe and non-toxic for all species, including the squirrels we are targeting. We even make our own proprietary food-grade squirrel bait!

Eco-Friendly Rat Management Vancouver, BC - Humane Solutions

Squirrel control backed by science

Our team is always up-to-date with cutting edge squirrel control methods. Our team is staffed by scientists and experts, which sets us far apart from our competitors. You can trust you will be getting the very best squirrel control service at the best price.

Industry-Leading Rat Warranty Vancouver, BC

Industry-leading squirrel control warranties

1-year warranties come standard on all of of our structural squirrel removal jobs. We don't just guarantee our workmanship, we actually guarantee against squirrel re-entry. Hire us and know your problem will be solved.

Richmond's best-reviewed squirrel control company.

Let us permanently solve your squirrel problem!

Squirrel Control

"Outstanding service. Reasonable prices. This was the second company that came to get rid of my squirrels in my roof. 1st company came 6 different times and they were still in my roof. Human solutions came once and got rid of them. These guys know what they're doing. Will recommend them to anyone I know for sure."

Greg P.

Squirrel Control

"Professional, knowledgeable, efficient, excellent. Solved my unknown critter problem, removed and blocked it from being able to re-enter the house. Was able to set up a next-day appointment. Good communication. Thanks!!!!"

Trish D.

Squirrel Control

"Many thanks to Humane Solutions for solving our rodents in the attic problem so promptly and efficiently. It was a pleasure to do business with you from beginning 'til end. Jeremy was/is knowledgeable, informative, super-efficient, and a delight to work with. From first contact until last, the whole process was minimally disruptive, timely, and pleasant even while dealing with an unpleasant problem. I only wish all service companies were so reasonable and so pleasant to deal with. Thank you and well done Joe and Jeremy."

Patrick S.

Squirrel Control

"Humane Solutions is a company that truly cares about its customers and their wildlife concerns. They are a solutions based company that works hard to fix problems without the use of nasty poisons or other ineffective, unsafe, methods. They provided me prompt service and worked to seal off my building keeping persistent rodents out.
Well done! Thank you for your hard work!"

Quinn K

90+ 5-star reviews and counting!

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Humane squirrel control for every customer

Residential | Commercial | Municipal | Industrial

We get calls for squirrel control from every industry and sector. Squirrels have learned to adapt to the ever-growing urban environment, and not only survive here, but thrive. It is important to address the root cause when dealing with your squirrels, if you don't, you are just creating a void for new squirrels to move in.

Residential Squirrel Control Richmond

Struggling with squirrels in your house? Chances are you need a professional. Remember, if squirrels are inside, you have a structural problem. We can help with your squirrels regardless of the situation - don't hesitate to reach out!

Commercial Squirrel Control Richmond

Many commercial operations are dealing with ongoing squirrel problems, it's just that common. Don't settle for useless squirrel trapping programs that never solve the problem. We can get your business squirrel-free for good!

Squirrels in your structure

If squirrels are inside, there are active access-points that have to be dealt with. Squirrels are evenly distributed throughout urban environments, and they all explore and exploit the same structural flaws, so even if you remove every squirrel, more will pick up the scent and find their way in. Structural squirrel problems are literally never-ending until the accesses are effectively pest-proofed.

  1. Onsite consultation/quote
  2. Full pest-proofing
  3. Install one-way doors on main rat accesses
  4. Install humane traps if necessary
  5. Squirrels should vacate premises within 24 hours
Squirrel Control and Removal Vancouver BC Humane Solutions
Squirrel Control and Removal Vancouver BC Humane Solutions

Exterior squirrel control Richmond

The key to exterior management is to mitigate the available resources, such as food, standing water, den locations. When done properly, squirrels often self-relocate to somewhere more appealing.

Sometimes physical squirrel removal or management is necessary. In these circumstances, we deploy our industry-leading strategies, trapping devices, and proprietary baits to ensure that the job is done quickly, humanely, and with no risk to people, pets, or other non-target species.

Squirrel removal using one-way doors

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