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Predators can cause a variety of serious problems for everyone from urban dog owners, to commercial and industrial clients, and even across entire municipalities. Common issues with predators are typically aggressive behavior towards people and pets, and livestock loss. Trust us with you predator control needs!

Predator Control Vancouver BC - Humane Solutions

Problem predator removal

Factors like overpopulation, adaptation, and disease can cause some predators to develop worse habits than others. In many situations, these animals can simply be deterred or moved elsewhere. However, in the worst circumstances these individuals are too troublesome to leave in place, so humane removal must be considered.

Predator Control Vancouver BC - Humane Solutions

Ecosystem managment & enrichment

Humane Solutions has considerable experience and expertise in predator management in urban and rural environments. We look at assessing the problem, identifying risks and impacts, designing target specific wildlife management plans and implementing actions for effective sustainable results. 

Predator Control Vancouver BC - Humane Solutions

Internationally recognized predator control experts

Our team is continuously collaborating with other predator management experts from around the world, participating in studies, and pushing the industry standard towards efficacy and sustainable practices.


Whether we’re talking about large parcel of private or corporate land, or an entire municipality, we are able to assess your local ecosystem and develop a site-specific management strategy to bring your predator problems under control.

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Predator Control

"From the first call to the follow-up call after the service was complete, Emma and the rest of the Humane Solutions team were professional, courteous and amazing with time! Highly recommend them if you have any unwanted critters scurrying/flying/buzzing about."

Avinash M.

Predator Control

"Humane Solutions is a company that truly cares about its customers and their wildlife concerns. They are a solutions based company that works hard to fix problems without the use of nasty poisons or other ineffective, unsafe, methods. They provided me prompt service and worked to seal off my building keeping persistent rodents out.
Well done! Thank you for your hard work!"

Quinn K.

Predator Control

"WOW!! Spoke with Joe today, and I have to say, I am impressed! A cut above the rest!! Such a wealth of knowledge and skill set that is safe and trustworthy. A person who knows his stuff and cares! He really understands the importance of getting to the root of the problem. His company believes that turning a blind eye to access points and throwing money away on poison is not the SOLUTION. He took the time and care to explain things that made my decision easy. Hire someone you trust. Bonus, he made all the necessary referrals too! I know our family members pest problems rests in good hands!"

Erin S.

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Predator control services for every species, and every customer

Residential | Commercial | Municipal | Industrial

Professional and humane predator services for every species and every situation. Backed by science and an expert team, when you work with us you can be confident you will get the results you want.

Predator Control Vancouver BC - Humane Solutions

Coyote Control

Predator Control Vancouver BC - Humane Solutions

Fox Control

Predator Control Vancouver BC - Humane Solutions

Bear Control

Predator Control Vancouver BC - Humane Solutions

Weasel Control

Residential Predator Control

Struggling with predators on your residential property? We can help identify available resources, access points, and species involved. From prevention to removal and management, we can help!

Commercial Predator Control

Many commercial and industrial properties have problems with predators. Many species will venture onto site and forage for food, and it is difficult to keep every employee from feeding the animals, it's human nature.

Predator Control Vancouver BC - Humane Solutions

Large-scale predator control programs

Bird Control Vancovuer, BC - Humane Solutions

Some predators are learning to thrive in urban environments, and most notable is the coyote. These generalists are carving out niches new to ecology, and populations are exploding in urban centers around the globe. Individual, reactive management is the standard, but the solution that achieves a systemic result with longevity, is always going to be a scientific, population-wide management strategy.

Predator control should be proactive

Bird Control Vancovuer, BC - Humane Solutions

Human-wildlife conflict is not confined to prey species, predators habituated to metropolitan areas become unique animals with drastically varying personalities and levels of education. Once a problem predator is identified, we would be looking at mitigation and corrective, conditioning strategies. Waiting until they misbehave enough to justify being shot by conservation officers is NOT management, it does not address the root cause.

Predator Control Vancouver BC - Humane Solutions

Our predator control expert

Our founder, Joe Abercrombie, started his career pioneering urban and industrial wildlife control in Alberta. When he wasn’t running high-profile operations on industrial sites or in urban centers, he participated in many ongoing wildlife conservation projects and studies throughout the province. Most notable has been the Edmonton Urban Coyote Project, where Joe live trapped 30+ coyotes for research in the middle of Edmonton. Trapping urban coyotes is hard enough, but running this project without any negative interaction with people or pets was due to Joe’s unique expertise, and his ability to innovate on traditional methods. Five publications from the research are available here.

Predator Control Vancouver BC - Humane Solutions

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