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Humane Solutions is the leader in predator control. We are experienced in dealing with predators such as fox, coyotes, wolves, and bears.
If you need advice on how to mitigate encounters, livestock loss etc. please give us a shout, often a structural fix or deterrent application will help these situations.

Sometimes predators become too comfortable with humans and more comprehensive methods are necessary, we can help with this too.


The coyote’s reputation for depredation is not undeserved. Coyotes kill an estimated one to three percent of all domestic sheep ewes and four to nine percent of all lambs in the United States each year.
This wily predator has also caused havoc on poultry farms in some areas and occasionally at beef and dairy ranches during calving time. Further, profiteering from growing urban sentiments about “living in harmony with nature,” coyotes have become an increasing threat to domestic pets in many urban areas.
There have also been reports of predatory attacks on children in various areas of western North America, including at least two such cases in the BC Lower Mainland in recent years. Those are believed to have occurred during periods of reduced prey, or by individuals that had been fed by or otherwise habituated to humans.


Although not in the same league as their cousin the coyote, red foxes do occasionally come into conflict with rural and suburban British Columbians by taking poultry or other small farm animals and livestock. That is often compensated to some extent by the service foxes provide to farmers by limiting rodent populations. The species is also a well-known predator of game birds, particularly during the nesting season, eating eggs, young, and occasionally the adults of waterfowl and upland species, such as grouse and pheasants. Although foxes have been subjected to intensive control in some areas as a result, notably on the prairies, that has not been the case in BC.


Occasionally, weasels raid poultry houses at night and kill or injure domestic fowl. They feed on the warm blood of victims bitten in the head or neck. Rat predation on poultry usually differs in that portions of the body may be eaten and carcasses dragged into holes or concealed locations.

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