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Beaver Control and Removal Vancouver, BC - Humane Solutions

Humane beaver removal

Backed by unique experience, scientific methods, and certified equipment, we offer a variety of beaver trapping services that can be tailored to your unique situation. We have experience managing beavers in every circumstance: private, commercial, municipal, and industrial.

All of our trapping services are guaranteed humane, with no risk of by-catch; and professionally discrete.

Beaver Control and Removal Vancouver, BC - Humane Solutions

Beaver dam removal

After humanely removing your beavers, we are equipped to quickly and safely remove the dams and get your water flowing again. Although beaver dams create beneficial habitats, in the wrong locations they can be a drowning hazard, hold disease, cause property damage, and even prevent the migration of various fish species.

We utilize everything from heavy equipment to pickaxes and portable winches, to get your water flowing again.

Beaver Control and Removal Vancouver, BC - Humane Solutions

Beaver pond levelling

Many clients choose to manage beavers and the varying water level with pond levelling technology. Essentially, we create beaver-proof drainage points through the dam at a specified depth, this way the beavers can build without intervention and the water level never becomes a problem.

This type of service usually requires a recurring inspection and maintenance program.

Beaver Control and Removal Vancouver, BC - Humane Solutions

Beaver tree protection

Beavers fall trees for food and for building their dams and lodges. Additionally, like all rodents their teeth never stop growing and chewing helps keep them from growing too long. We are well experienced with effective tree protection for beavers. Once flooding and other property damage are addressed, simple wrapping of trees can ensure that your beaver population will stay manageable and beneficial.

Beaver Control and Removal Vancouver, BC - Humane Solutions

Working with beavers

Where property damage, water levels, and risk to people and pets are not a concern, beavers can be extremely valuable partners in ecosystem management and restoration. The environmental services provided by beavers are significant, these ecosystem engineers can completely change their local landscape and create habitat for a variety of other wildlife.

Beaver Control and Removal Vancouver, BC - Humane Solutions

Co-existing with beavers

We have developed unique and effective beaver management strategies that are designed for sensitive, high-profile situations. Regardless of the service required, it is important that the public perception is positive and supportive. We have a perfect track record when it comes to our high-profile beaver services; no accidents and no media exposure.

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Beaver Control

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Residential Beaver Control Port Coquitlam

Struggling with beavers on your residential property? Chances are you need a professional. We can help you with a humane and effective management plan that won't break the bank. Act quick, beavers can cause significant damage in a short time.

Commercial Beaver Control Port Coquitlam

Beavers have been known to shut down entire operations, cost thousands of dollars and cause significant damage to commercial sites. Don't let this happen to your business. We can help provide a professional range of control options tailored to your situation.

Some Beaver Facts:

Beaver Control and Removal Vancouver, BC - Humane Solutions
Beaver Control and Removal Vancouver, BC - Humane Solutions

Property Damage

The most common issue regarding beavers across North America is property damage. This not only compromises structural integrity affecting property value but is also a costly problem. Some common property concerns are:

  • flooding can backup septic tanks
  • flooding can wash out roads, bridges, and railways
  • flooding can devastate farms
  • tree loss can be costly, and contribute to erosion
Beaver Control and Removal Vancouver, BC - Humane Solutions
Beaver Control and Removal Vancouver, BC - Humane Solutions

Safety Concerns

Although beavers benefit the environment in many ways, the habitats they create can pose serious safety hazards. Some common safety concerns are:

  • high water/drowning
  • disease in standing water
  • tripping/impaling hazard on beaver spikes
Beaver Control and Removal Vancouver, BC - Humane Solutions

Aggressive Behavior

Although rare, any beaver that is cornered or threatened is more than capable of inflicting serious injury on both people and pets. Beavers often kill dogs that chase them into the water, and there are even recorded cases of beavers killing people.

Enjoy beavers, but keep your distance.

Beaver Control and Removal Vancouver, BC - Humane Solutions

Trapping Considerations

Beavers spend the warmer months preparing their habitat and food cache for winter. Consequently, relocating beavers beyond mid-summer is regarded as inhumane, as it is it essentially putting them in a situation where they cannot survive.

Humane Solutions makes every attempt to manage beavers in situ, however, sometimes physical removal is necessary regardless of the time of year. Due to many variables, sometimes the most humane option is the lethal one.

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