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Our Process

The process starts with you reaching out to our knowledgeable office staff. They will determine the scope of your issue, choose the best technician for the job, and schedule an onsite assessment.
Our technicians thoroughly inspect your property to find any active or potential access points and flaws along with any other factors onsite, and provide it to the office in a report.The office then emails your the report with a detailed quote for your approval. Jobs are booked once approved.
Your pest proofing service is fast and efficient, with most jobs taking just one day. We professionally address all issues on your structure from the roof down to the foundation, using quality materials and methods.One-way doors are installed on access points and control stations are installed if necessary.
If you are protecting your structure proactively, we ensure nothing unexpected happens in the following days.If we are responding to an active problem, in most cases, the wildlife in conflict will be locked out immediately as they are outside during the service. Any wildlife inside during the service usually exit via one way doors and are permanently locked out within 24 hours.
After some communication to confirm the desired result, we then schedule a technician to return to the property to remove temporary equipment and officially close the job. Depending on your package, all-inclusive warranties are in place for 1-5 years​.

Clay Tile Roofs

Humane Solutions is the only company that effectively pest-proofs clay tile roofs, a troublesome roof style which is becoming increasingly obsolete.

We use heavy-duty flashing which is traced and custom cut, every single inch along your gutter line. It is installed directly into the gutter line through the fascia and sealed to the tiles to guard against water and insects.

This is a service we innovated out of necessity, there simply isn’t a product or service available for the thousands of property owners dealing with ongoing infestations due to clay tile roofs.

If they are inside there is an active entry point, we will prove it to you!