Commercial Pest Control

Sustainable Pest Control for Commercial & Multi-Residential Properties

For property owners, property managers, and everyone in between, pest control is often the biggest headache, as services are costly, often recurring and usually fail to deliver a permanent result.

We have been developing and implementing sustainable, poison-free pest control programs for commercial and multi-residential properties for years and have built a great reputation around this service. 

Due to the BC ban on second-gen rodenticides, many commercial and residential properties need to rethink their programs. Now is a great time to have one of our specialists our to assess your property. 

Start with a Pest Impact Strategy Audit

Maybe you want to take a step back and look at the big picture before you pull the trigger on a new program or provider. Or maybe you have a pest-related problem you are having trouble solving. If this sounds like you, starting with a PISA could be the best starting point.

For the cost of an average callout, a PISA will empower you to make cost-effective, sustainable pest management decisions.

Offering a Full Suite of Award-Winning Wildlife and Pest Management Services.

Award-winning services delivered by skilled tradespeople. We get results first and foremost, sustainability is our by-product.
picture of humane solutions during a wildlife removal call on a job site

What Does It Include?

A full assessment of the property to identify the species on-site, available resources, structural risks, and human behavior contributing to pest conflicts.

A report of the property’s position within its environment, including regulatory and social factors that impact pest control and wildlife management options.

An in-depth structural assessment that identifies active and potential pest entry points, as well as details the correct options for a permanent repair.

As part of the audit process, we collect and investigate anecdotal information from willing parties that may be impacted by any current pest or wildlife conflicts.

If applicable, your PISA will include an assessment of any current pest management contracts that impact the property’s pest management strategy and decisions.

A sustainable and effective pest management program that will focus your money and attention on the root causes of your problems and the ongoing improvement of your property.

humane solutions tech on a ladder pest proofing a house

Frequently Asked Questions

Mice are very small, usually just bigger than your thumb and their droppings are the size of a grain of rice.

Rats are usually much bigger than mice and their droppings range from the size of a tic-tac to a jelly bean and beyond.


It doesn’t work, really it’s that simple. 

Find info on why it is such a problem outside of rat control here.

Nope. You have likely purchased your stations and their contracts typically don’t hold water. Simply call them and state you won’t tolerate poison on your property and if they can’t provide an equal trapping alternative, you don’t want their services. Usually, they pull you from the route and leave the equipment for us to deal with. 

This works most of the time. We’re here to help at any point.

Most of our clients experience overnight, permanent results for structural rat control services and an immediate improvement for exterior rat management.  

They don't magically appear. Are you really going to let someone sell you a poison contract?