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Mole Control and Removal Vancouver BC - Humane Solutions

Humane mole removal

We can quickly remove moles from your property using humane and secure underground traps. Typically, there are no more than one or two moles per yard, even though it appears there are more!

Mole Control and Removal Vancouver BC - Humane Solutions

Expert mole trapping

We use a variety of mole traps and mole trapping techniques to ensure we solve problems quickly and economically. Moles can become trap-smart, so it is important to have various removal options.

Mole Control and Removal Vancouver BC - Humane Solutions

Safe for people and pets

Our methods are 100% safe and non-toxic for all species aside from the moles we are targeting. Traps are buried underground and marked clearly with flags so you don't have to worry about your loved ones.

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Mole Control

"The crew came on time and did a good job. The follow up process was also very good, Overall the company did an excellent job in solving out rodent problem. I would recommend to all of my friends if they need a wildlife control in their homes."

Allen L.

Mole Control

"Many thanks to Humane Solutions for solving our rodents in the attic problem so promptly and efficiently. It was a pleasure to do business with you from beginning 'til end. Jeremy was/is knowledgeable, informative, super-efficient, and a delight to work with. From first contact until last, the whole process was minimally disruptive, timely, and pleasant even while dealing with an unpleasant problem. I only wish all service companies were so reasonable and so pleasant to deal with. Thank you and well done Joe and Jeremy."

Patrick S.

Mole Control

"Humane Solutions is a company that truly cares about its customers and their wildlife concerns. They are a solutions based company that works hard to fix problems without the use of nasty poisons or other ineffective, unsafe, methods. They provided me prompt service and worked to seal off my building keeping persistent rodents out.
Well done! Thank you for your hard work!"

Quinn K

90+ 5-star reviews and counting!

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Humane mole control for every customer

Residential | Commercial | Municipal | Industrial

We get mole control calls from every industry and sector. Moles have learned to adapt to the ever-growing urban environment, and not only survive here, but thrive. Smaller infestations usually require one or two visits, but some larger commercial properties require ongoing management strategies. We can help develop a mole control program that aligns with your budget and ethics.

Residential Mole Control Mission

Struggling with moles at your house? Chances are you need a professional, and NOT poison. We remove every mole with humane traps. We can help regardless of the situation - don't hesitate to reach out!

Commercial Mole Control Mission

Many commercial operations are dealing with ongoing mole problems, it's just that common. Don't settle for useless poison programs that never solve the problem. We can get your business mole-free for good!

Why are moles in my yard?

Moles will make a habitat out of yards that have nutrient rich, loose soils. They feed off of the earthworms, slugs, grubs, and other insects also living in the soil. Moles create an ever-expanding network of tunnels which they continuously patrol for insects that make their way into them. It may seem like moles are eating your plants because they often kill them by chewing through the root systems, but they are just clearing a patch.

Mole Control and Removal Vancouver BC - Humane Solutions
Mole Control and Removal Vancouver BC - Humane Solutions

Some mole facts

  • moles are fairly well distributed across the entire Northern Hemisphere - an extremely successful species for how slowly they move
  • moles are almost entirely subterranean
  • moles eat primarily earthworms
  • moles eat approximately 70%-100% of their body weight every day
  • moles have been known to transmit human diseases - in rare cases
  • moles prefer looser soils with no noise
  • Bermuda grass has been shown to resist mole infestations

Pest control must move away from ineffective, inhumane rodenticides

Choose eco-friendly methods for your mole control needs.

Wildlife and Pest Control Vancouver, BC - Humane Solutions

How we manage our rodents has consequences

Rodenticides are responsible for countless secondary-poisonings that span wild and domestic species. Birds of prey, predators, dogs and cats, and even humans are poisoned with rodenticides every day, in every county across the world. It’s time to start doing it right, and it we have worked hard to make it easier for us to make the change.

  • rodents consume or contaminate up to 20% of the global food supply
  • rodents are responsible for billions of dollars of infrastructure damage and resource loss
  • billions are spent on controlling rats globally
  • thousands of children are poisoned by rodenticides every year
  • every tax-payer, and an unquantifiable amount of nature is affected by this policy failure

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