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Pest and Wildlife Inspections and Assessments Vancouver and Lower Mainland

Vancouver's Inspection Experts

We know everything wildlife, so who better to hire to get the low-down on what critters are on your property or in your structure. We are able to identify any species that is either currently a problem or is likely to be a problem in the future.

Detailed and Professional Reporting

We will put everything worth noting into a professional format complete with pictures. Our reports are easy to understand and will meet any requirements.

Ongoing Reporting

We offer recurring inspection and reporting services for a variety of situations. Homeowners and businesses alike subscribe to these services to either keep a handle on what is happening on their property or to meet certain regulatory requirements.

Developers and Managers

Whether you are building a commercial property or are managing one, the most effective defense against rodent intrusion is ongoing inspections, resource identification and mitigation, and exclusion of new accesses/vulnerable areas. This service is cheaper than poison programs, and much more effective. Customers that use our monthly inspection services receive 15% off any additional work.

Home Owners and Perspective Buyers

If you own a home or are looking to buy a home, an inspection by a wildlife professional can save you a lot of money down the road; the best case scenario is always to effectively exclude a structure before a pest problem develops. Even new houses are susceptible to wildlife intrusion, pro-activity is always the best choice!


Have a pest problem and discussions with your landlord are not going well? We can help. We will inspect your unit and hand you a detailed report of the problem. You can then send this to the landlord and demand action; should they refuse, you can send this to the city.

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