Commercial and Industrial Pest and Wildlife Control Vancouver and Lower Mainland

//Commercial and Industrial Pest and Wildlife Control Vancouver and Lower Mainland
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Commercial and Industrial Pest and Wildlife Control

Commercial Pest and Wildlife Control

Humane Solutions specializes in wildlife control in high profile and priority situations like commercial businesses and locations. We conduct ourselves with the utmost professionalism and handle every wildlife problem with discretion.

Industrial Pest and Wildlife Control

There is no combination of industry and wildlife that Humane Solutions cannot safely and humanely deal with. We are highly trained and experienced and our safety standards and standard operating procedures are second to none.

No Job Too Big, Too Small, or Too Crazy

We often have clients tell us that they do not believe a solution exists to their problem. This can be due to size, scope, danger, accessibility, and more. Our answer to this is usually “pfft, watch me work.”

From bird control to beavers, we have experience dealing with wildlife in a variety of industrial settings. We have worked in steel mills, coal mines, oil sands, hydro plants, and more.

Rodents are usually the issue in restaurants. We can get those rodents out immediately and permanently, as well as fulfill your monthly reporting requirements. Don’t fall for the poison application programs.

We specialize in dealing with stratas. We understand the steps strata councils must take throughout the process of determining a problem, obtaining quotes, getting approvals, and issuing payments. Leave it to us, we make it a breeze.

We understand you manage multiple properties and you need problems fixed immediately, permanently, and with minimal involvement and headaches. We prioritize and discount any work for our affiliated property managers. We take care of everything on our end and make sure both you and your tenants are comfortable and pleased.

Ongoing Wildlife Control and Management

Recurring Services:

  • Poison-free, humane solutions that you can be proud of
  • Wildlife removal and exclusion
  • Comprehensive inspections
  • Regular monitoring
  • Regular reports, with animal control tips and photos
  • Lower cost than poison-based programs

How We Can Offer a Better Solution For Lower Cost:

  • Most pest control companies don’t know much about animal behavior and therefore cannot fix the problem. Or perhaps they realize that they can make more money from you by keeping your problems going and charging you for poison that you don’t need. (Some even offer guarantees, but put off showing up until the guarantee is timed out.)
  • At Humane Solutions, we understand how wild animals behave and can protect your property through prevention and mitigation programs that fix your problem. We can usually offer a one-year guarantee on our work, which means that if the animals come back, we also come back immediatelyand fix the problem — for free. We couldn’t do this if we weren’t sure that our methods work. Check out our online reviews for proof that we do what we say.
  • Our approach is based on identifying and addressing the structural issues, available resources, and human activities that perpetuate your wildlife problem. Instead of paying periodically for poison applications, you pay once for the structural fix, we then recommend regular inspections to ensure that no new problems arise for a small fee.
  • With Humane Solutions, you spend your money on improving and maintaining the integrity of your property, not on poison that harms the ecosystem. We tailor the program to your property and situation and provide detailed reports complete with pictures for your complete understanding. You can forward these reports to your clients and tenants as proof of your diligence and commitment to the environment, and to remind them to follow best practices.

How We Work:

  • The first visit consists of a FREE comprehensive consultation and inspection. We identify all the immediate and potential issues on site and rank them in terms of severity. Some common accesses for pests (even on new buildings) include plastic roof vents, gaps in soffits and along gutter lines, and gaps under doors and along foundations. Some common resources that can be mitigated include unkempt garbage disposal areas, fruit trees, and standing water.
  • We will provide a report detailing both the immediate and potential issues, complete with pictures and descriptions. We will provide estimates for any structural work that needs to be completed. For anything we cannot do (such as tree trimming), we will provide a detailed work order for your own contractor.
  • Following the initial structural fixes and advice, we implement your scheduled monitoring and mitigation visits. Recommended monthly, we comb your property, sticking our flashlights and fingers into anything that looks like it might offer an animal access. We also report any undesirable human activity, such as open trash cans or litter.
  • If you’re subscribed to regular monitoring, you get a 15% discount on any new fixes/animal removals.

Why Poison Does Not Work

  • Poisoning an animal (especially rats and mice) does not prevent it from gaining access to your structure.
  • It can take up to three days to kill an animal that ingests rodenticide if it kills them at all. This allows the animal ample time to exploit a structural flaw and make its way inside.
  • There is a very good chance the animal will die inside your structure, creating health hazard along with a very persistent and unpleasant smell.
  • A healthy animal is often much easier to remove from your property or structure than a dead or sick one.
  • Any poisoned animals that do not die inside will typically be eaten by another animal; this contributes to the bioaccumulation of toxins in our ecosystem. Many animals, particularly eagles, die from eating poisoned rats.
  • Rats are smart: they learn to stop engaging with poison boxes and traps. If there’s anything worse than a rat, it is an educated rat.
  • If rodents cannot access your structures and there are little available resources, you simply won’t have a rodent problem. There is no reason to use poison.
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