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Humane Solutions Inc is an industry leader in professional, effective beaver management. Our services are tailored for large corporations and government entities who experience complex human-beaver conflict situations with proportionate consequences requiring discrete and professional management.

Aside from economics and logistics, beaver management comes with the inherent risk of a severe, negative public reaction if a failure or malpractice is publicized. This is a situation which most individuals or companies dread, but we have made it our niche.

Beaver Control Services

The first step to creating an effective plan is to set a baseline which involves determining the beaver population and identification of zero-tolerance and co-existence zones.

Data Informed Beaver Managment Programs

Empowering companies and crews to keep productive, we'll keep the beavers behaving and the water running.

We provide beaver control services to everyone from small property owners to entire municipalities. We respond to emergencies and one-off problems, and we are trusted to develop and implement long-term strategies for high-profile and high-risk situations.

Training & Education

Our expertise is sought across Canada and Internationally. We have participated in many conferences and in committees drafting policies and managing major projects. We are key presenters at beaver-related symposiums and forums every year, and regularly train munipalities and non-profits on alternative/unique beaver control techniques. 

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We offer many wildlife control and pest control services and have a wide range of expertise, so bounce your idea off us. Even if we can’t offer direct service, we can usually help define a direction. 


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