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Humane Solutions Inc is the industry leader in professional, effective beaver management. Our services are tailored for large corporations and government entities who experience complex human-beaver conflict situations with proportionate consequences requiring discrete and professional management.

Aside from economics and logistics, beaver management comes with the inherent risk of a severe, negative public reaction if a failure or malpractice is publicized. This is a situation which most individuals or companies dread, but we have made it our niche.

Our Services

The first step to creating an effective plan is to set a baseline which involves determining the beaver population and identification of zero-tolerance and co-existence zones.

Fish Lyft

Specially Designed To Solve The Ecological Discord between Benefitial Beaver Habitats And The Salmon That Encounter The Dams When Migrating To spawan

The Fish Lyft Is a Fish Ladder System That Solves The Age-old Migrating Salmon Beaver conflict
it Can Be installed As a Stand Alone Ecological tool or Easily Scale Up and Down
At Its Core It Is Made Up Of a Series Of Box Through Which An OutFlow Passes And a Large Pipe That Connects The System To The Pool Of Water.
As The System’s Boxes Are Filled With the Levelers Pipe And Then Pass In pool By Way Of The Outflowing Water.

Data Informed Decisions

Empowering Current And Predicted Management

Our Beaver Programs Provide real Time Data Collection Through an Interactive Password Protected Management Protocol
Map Points Indicating Active and Historical Beaver Sites as Well as Current Control Strategies in Places. Allow Client a Snapshot View Of What Is Talking Place In Their Area At Any Given Time Ensuring Resorces Are Correctly Allocated And Communication is Streamlined.

Training & Education

Certified Through The Beaver Institute Inc Our Company Regularly Trains Municipalties . non Profit Organization , Enviromental Stakeholders and The Industry On Flow Control And Non Lethal Beaver Mitiagtion Across Canada Humane Solution Is Recognization Internationally For our programs and Often called Upon to Speak at International Symposium and Forum


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