Conservation Area Beaver Management

Project Description

An enthusiastic and productive relationship revolving around sustainable and innovative solutions to wildlife problems in complex conservation areas. Work thus far has been focused on beaver coexistence techniques at multiple designated wildlife areas in the Lower Mainland, which due to their location require reliable, unimpeded drainage. Beavers have been an ongoing issue in the areas and the industry standard of trap-n-pull doesn’t vibe well with the fundamental motives behind the parks.

Humane Solutions was commissioned to evaluate the conservation areas to determine the most effective, economical, and environmentally sustainable means to manage the ongoing beaver issues in various drainage canals.

Our team worked with the client to establish the zero-tolerance zones and the co-existence zones and then applied our unique methods and tech to apply results-based management on the ground.

 Since the relationship was established in 2018, Humane Solutions has installed multiple flow control devices and managed select populations. In the last few years, there have been drastically fewer beaver issues in these natural areas, control costs are down, all despite having active beaver populations. The best part is that the ecosystems have never been healthier, thanks to the natural impacts and ecosystem services provided by the beavers. 

Project Details

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    Lower Mainland, BC