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Eco-friendly methods with immediate, permanent results.

Wildlife and Pest Control Vancouver, BC - Humane Solutions

A team you can trust.

An innovative pest control model built around a team of sustainability experts, scientists, and students. Bringing sustainable and effective methods to an environmentally degrading industry.

The pest control standard is to convert any wildlife conflict to a recurring revenue source – usually through recurring poison programs. We work with you to find a permanent solution, not endlessly profit off of you.

Wildlife and Pest Control Vancouver, BC - Humane Solutions

Ethical and Effective.

Eco-friendly and cost-effective pest control services backed by our exclusive, cutting-edge technology and methodology. We do it better, faster, cheaper, and we can prove it using our proprietary CatchData technology.

Our polished methods consistently remove pests and wildlife – including rodents – from structures in 1-2 days.

Wildlife and Pest Control Vancouver, BC - Humane Solutions

Services for everyone.

We are specialized in industrial and commercial pest control, but our services are available to everyone. Clients ranging from governments to homeowners are all in need of honest, humane, and effective pest and wildlife solutions.

If you’re here, you’re in the right place.

Delta's Best-Reviewed Wildlife and Pest Control Company

Raccoon Control

"Joe and his team in Humane Solutions did an excellent job helping us solving raccoon problem in our attic.They truly care about their customers and protecting the wild life as well. Emma responded to our phone calls and concerns professionally and kindly. The level of responsibility to get the job done in this company is amazing. We highly recommend them"

Parisma M.

Raccoon Control

"Raccoon mom nested in our attic with 4 cute little babies. Prompt replies and frequent check in from Emma. Informative and helpful service from both Jeremy and Nick. They were professional, on time, and very courteous. Most importantly, got the job done. Highly recommend"

R. Samson

Squirrel Control

"The folks at Humane Solution are prompt, professional and personable. Last year, Humane Solutions helped me deal with a squirrel family in my roof. They assessed the exterior of my home and also found evidence of rodents in a shed. They expertly excluded both squatters from my home with 1-way doors --Mother Squirrel re-located her own family overnight—no poisoning or trapping involved.
I was advised to leave metal mesh grids on the house for a while to safeguard it from later incursions in the year. This year, Humane Solutions came back to remove a grid & replace a vent for me.
I also appreciated that Joe was willing to offer me his company's services (and peace of mind) at an affordable cost.
I have no hesitation in recommending Humane Solutions to anyone dealing with unwanted wildlife squatters."

Sara B.

Rodent Control

"The crew came on time and did a good job. The follow up process was also very good, Overall the company did an excellent job in solving out rodent problem. I would recommend to all of my friends if they need a wildlife control in their homes."

Allen Lee

Rodent Control

"Many thanks to Humane Solutions for solving our rodents in the attic problem so promptly and efficiently. It was a pleasure to do business with you from beginning 'til end. Jeremy was/is knowledgeable, informative, super-efficient, and a delight to work with. From first contact until last, the whole process was minimally disruptive, timely, and pleasant even while dealing with an unpleasant problem. I only wish all service companies were so reasonable and so pleasant to deal with. Thank you and well done Joe and Jeremy."

Patrick S.

Rodent Control

"Consulting with Humane Solutions provided meaningful and effective information that has helped to contain a mouse issue and isolate my suite in a building that has become infested. They exposed how I was being misled and misinformed by the property management and their pest control company regarding what was (and what was NOT) being done to properly deal with this situation, and in turn offered a proactive DIY game plan that so far is showing results. I highly recommend contacting Humane Solutions if you're in the maddeningly vulnerable position of having your home infested with pests and vermin, and to make that problem disappear."

Jeff W.

Wildlife Control

"It’s hard to find a organization that truly lives up to the standards of a ethical and truly sustainable organization. Humane Solutions takes a truly sustainable approach to managing human wildlife conflicts, while using the utmost caution to protect and respect both human and animals interests."

Melissa B.

Wildlife Consultation

"If you have questions and want honest, friendly advice, give this company a call. Joe answered all my questions and left me with a lot of respect for a company that appears to be striving to offer common sense solutions that are a win-win for people, animals and the environment. Thank you Joe!"


90+ 5-star reviews and counting!

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Wildlife and Pest Control Vancouver, BC - Humane Solutions
Wildlife and Pest Control Vancouver, BC - Humane Solutions
Wildlife and Pest Control Vancouver, BC - Humane Solutions
Wildlife and Pest Control Vancouver, BC - Humane Solutions

Commercial and industrial wildlife and pest control Delta

Commercial and Industrial Wildlife and Pest Control Vancouver, BC - Humane Solutions
Commercial Wildlife and Pest Control Vancouver, BC - Humane Solutions

Our expert team is comfortable operating in any situation – from high-end offices that demand tact and discretion, to high-profile job sites that require broad skill-sets and safety training.

Trust Humane Solutions to quickly and humanely manage your pests and wildlife, so you can get back to work!

Residential Pest Control Delta

Struggling with pests in your house? Chances are you need a professional, and NOT poison. If pests are inside, you have a structural problem. We can help regardless of the situation - don't hesitate to reach out!

Commercial Pest Control Delta

Most commercial operations are dealing with ongoing pest problems, it's just that common. Don't settle for useless poison programs that never solve the problem. We can get your business pest-free for good!

CatchData | Our exclusive pest control monitoring and reporting system

Effective, efficient pest management requires a scientific and common-sense approach.

CatchData is a multi-purpose, scientific monitoring system that we apply to most of our commercial and industrial wildlife and pest control contracts.

Every visit we record a variety of data which allows us to constantly improve and optimize our services, and ensure our customer’s money is well-spent.

CatchData not only sets us apart as a wildlife & pest control business but is also one of the ways we are pioneering in the space scientifically.

Commercial and Industrial Wildlife and Pest Control Vancouver, BC - Humane Solutions

Pest control must move away from ineffective, inhumane rodenticides

Wildlife and Pest Control Vancouver, BC - Humane Solutions

How we manage our rodents has consequences.

Rodenticides are responsible for countless secondary-poisonings that span wild and domestic species. Birds of prey, predators, dogs and cats, and even humans are poisoned with rodenticides every day, in every county across the world. It’s time to start doing it right, and it we have worked hard to make it easier for us to make the change.

  • rodents consume or contaminate up to 20% of the global food supply
  • rodents are responsible for billions of dollars of infrastructure damage and resource loss
  • billions are spent on controlling rats globally
  • thousands of children are poisoned by rodenticides every year
  • every tax-payer, and an unquantifiable amount of nature is affected by this policy failure

Humane Solutions is innovating in the pest control space

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