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Community Rat Management Project

The trapping alternative to rat poison; humane, responsible, and sustainable

Currently Serving Only Vancouver, Burnaby, and Richmond.

Welcome to the Community Rat Management Project! Thank you for managing your rats humanely and efficiently, and for contributing to our data collection.

Choose your membership, purchase your stations, monitor them from a distance, and service them or call Humane Solutions once you see the ‘trap fired’ indicators. Once a month we ask you to submit your catch for the month, even if it is zero. This is in an effort to collect data with which we intend to make a significant contribution to urban rat management. 

You can run your traps all by your self, you can call us once and a while, or we can run the program for you and provide monthly inspections and reports. Just as long as the rats are being controlled and the data is being collected, we’re happy.

Let’s do it together.

The current rat control cycle:

     This negative feedback loop is evident on residential, commercial, industrial, and governmental levels. We always find ourselves back at the start; it’s time for us to accept that “more poison” is not the answer. We do not have proven alternatives because we do not have the data required to prove such things, this is where we (you and the CRMP) come in.

The Community Rat Management Program Goals:

  • • save members money
  • • humanely and more efficiently manage rats
  • • reduce poison entering the ecosystem
  • • collect population data to allow us to approach the problem scientifically
  • • use increased membership to lower service cost to members
  • • rely on the community to drive the system; recruit your neighbors, talk about it, report your monthly catch (even if it’s ZERO!)


Compare:Flex MembershipManagement Membership
Stations-purchases traps at retail-provided at cost
Service Calls-pay per call, book when needed-service on a predetermined schedule
Basic Inspections-pay per inspection-basic inspection services included
Comprehensive Inspections and Monitoring-additional cost-additional cost (discounted)
Scheduling-service within 3-day window, unless expedited service purchased-priority scheduling
Discounts-general membership discount-priority discounts
Membership Servicing-member may service station, please report total catches for month!!-member may service station, please report total catches for month!!
Setup-simply make an account, buy your stations and a service call, and we'll get you set up-contact us for a site assessment and quote
Cancellation-no cancellation possible/necessary-upon 30 days' notice
Data Collection-member reports total monthly catches on website-HS reports monthly catches

Box guides rat in for a perfect, humane catch. The red indicators tell you whether or not the traps are fired; if they are, service the trap yourself or purchase a service ticket through Humane Solutions

Community Rat Management Program Rat Trapping Station

Stations are weather, pet, and child resistant

Community Rat Management Program Rat Trapping Station

Our neighbors refuse to try anything other than poison, think it's working?

Community Rat Management Program


The data can’t be argued with, just do a simple search and you will see for yourself. Rat poison is detrimental to the environment, responsible for poisoning numerous species INCLUDING humans, mainly children. Most rats avoid poison stations, the ones that do die either die in human structures, or they are predated or decomposed and the chemicals enter the ecosystem. If we forget all of that, the simple fact that rat poison is NOT working is evidence enough that we need change. 


Our Method:

In the place of exterior rat poison, Humane Solutions uses structural exclusion to keep rats out of homes and buildings, and humane rat trapping stations to eradicate them from yards and green spaces. Now, Humane Solutions invites you to be part of a community of people who want to manage rat populations responsibly and improve international standards of rat control by creating information about how rats actually operate.


The Stations:

Trapping stations can dispatch 2 rats per set and are attractive, discreet, pet-proof, and waterproof. Rats that enter a station are killed quickly with a snap trap. The stations are equipped with indicators that tell you when a rat is caught, just like a country mailbox.


When You Catch One:

Once you see an indicator, you can empty the trap yourself or call Humane Solutions. We will collect and dispose of all rat carcasses and reset your traps.


If many people on your block have stations to be serviced, the cost can be spread out among all of you.


Data Collection:

Humane Solutions is also collecting data to help experts track populations and design experiments to improve rat control techniques. As a community, we can prove that resource mitigation and humane trapping are effective. The goal is to convince governments to abandon the use of inhumane, harmful, and ineffective poison in favour of better methods. As we continue to collect data, our methods will surely be taken up internationally.

If we all simply report when we’ve trapped each rat, we might just change the world. This is the power of community.


***Successful uploads are rewarded with Humane Solutions credits towards products and services***

1% Ferda

1% of all profits from the CRMP will be donated to an environmental cause or charity. Once our app is completed, there will be an option for members to submit and vote for environmental causes. Every month the votes are tallied, and the cheque is sent!

*Our Everyday Deal: One Referral = One Free Service Call*

Info and FAQ

  • • It can take up to 10 days to finally do its job, if it doesn’t just make the rat sick
  • • It is responsible for poisoning children,  domestic pets, scavengers, and birds of prey
  • • Rats that aren’t predated or scavenged are often dying in human structures (walls, attics, etc.)
  • • Rats can become resistant
  • • Rats learn to avoid poison and teach their young
  • • It’s NOT that cheap, most people subscribed to poison contracts are unhappy with both the Price, and the results
  • • We have no idea how many rats we are killing
  • • Most of the time, the millions of poison stations are going untouched, but the customer is never told that
  • • Vancouver, New York, Chicago, and cities all over the world are drowning in rats, proving to us that throwing poison at these things isn’t working. We do it because we don’t have any other answers, and we have no answers because WE HAVE NO DATA
  • • Policymakers are getting advice on populations and management techniques from the CEOs of major pest control companies. These guys are nothing but poison peddlers, and they are going to say the rats have never been worse, and we have never needed more poison
  • • The program is all about community
  • • Together we can all face the reality of the rat problem and make an effort to deal with it Effectively, with techniques backed by science and contemporary ethics
  • • Trapping is simply more effective
  • • You only pay when you have caught rats to deal with, unless you deal with it yourself, so you know you’re getting bang for your buck
  • • The more people participate, the cheaper and better the system operates
  • • DATA! This is as much an urban sustainability project as it is a simple, yet effective rat trapping system
  • • Trapping stations with a dramatically lower the cost-per-kill and maintenance requirement are under development, members receive pre-manufacture discounts for upgraded stations•
  • • 1% ferda – 1% of all proceeds from the Community Rat Management Program will be donated to an environmental initiative. Once the program is generating enough activity we will be building an app which you can use to contact us, book appointments, and also submit causes for, and vote for the 1% ferda. Every month the votes will be tallied, and the cheque will be sent. A community driven, democratic, environmental philanthropy system! Thanks rats, thanks community!
  • • You are helping us grow the service to a level where we can present it as the clear winner on a municipal scale
  • • Humane Solutions’ employees are environmental students and young professionals
  • • Help us do something big!

Economically, if rat poison doesn’t work, we are simply wasting money. Rat poison is like putting a bandage on an infection.

Ethically, there is no excuse for making any animal suffer if there is a more humane alternative.

We almost owe it to them at this point. Humans condemn the poisoning of most other species, rats are darn impressive ecologically speaking, and they have been incredibly valuable to science, especially medically.

Well, it is. But! Unless your property is in a seriously unfortunate location, the amount of work is still minimal. You can expect to catch most of the rats relatively fast, and they will get caught in groups. Following this, just glance at the station every couple of days, and you will find that for the most part the stations are untouched. This is simply because there aren’t that many rats! People imagine the poison stations they pay hundreds a year to maintain are killing rats on a regular basis, but this is simply not true.

Often, doing a week-long trapping run every couple of months is enough to keep populations down. However, if you keep your stations set throughout the year and service them periodically you are much more able to catch transient rats, as well as supply a steady stream of super helpful data, which we will reward you for, of course.

This depends on your situation, but for most of the members it won’t be. If you service your own traps then it couldn’t really be cheaper, if you have Humane Solutions service them, you’re still only paying when you actually need to. You could pay for $1000 worth of poison and not kill a thing, but the worst part is that you will never know either way.

Sure! Submit a suggestion on the program’s Facebook group and we will add it to an active poll.