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We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all strategy. As every wildlife/pest management circumstance is unique, we provide individual personalized investigation to understand all the variables involved to determine the origin of the problem and ensure an effective and sustainable outcome. This is possible as the Humane Solutions team is interdisciplinary by nature, competent within the fields of conservation, sustainability and human-wildlife conflict, and passionate about enabling significant change. This expertise allows us to provide industry-leading warranties on our services, work within budgets and maintain positive reputation within the wildlife and pest control industry. 


Our Humane Solutions team are professionals who have built up reputations within their respective industries, come with international experience and distinctive qualifications; but most importantly are motivated and driven to make a humane, sustainable and positive change. A benefit of our expert team and constant innovation within the sector, is that we offer a variety of specialized services and skills exclusive to Humane Solutions – with the science to back it up.


Our interdisciplinary accredited team which includes conservationists, human-wildlife conflict experts, biologists, environmentalists, trade technicians and strategists; has an extensive and versatile skill set which allows us to address each situation from a holistic viewpoint to ensure high quality permanent solutions.


We operate a 5-star reviewed business model which does not make provision for incomplete jobssub-standard work nor unhappy customers. As we acknowledge the significant role people play within human-wildlife conflicts and the environment, we strive to exceed the needs and expectations of every client through excellent customer service that is ethical and personalized to the circumstances.  


Humane Solutions is set apart from the rest of the industry as we are the only wildlife and pest control company in the lower mainland to exclusively use humane eco-friendly management strategies, monitoring technology and scientifically-sound approaches to comprehensively address human-wildlife conflict. This in addition to our diverse and highly skilled team who strive for innovation and growth; whilst the recent rebranding, website and online presence has significantly increased the company’s exposure and maintained positive client feedback. 

Wildlife removal and pest control in Vancouver and the lower mainland, British Columbia

Specializing in restaurants.

We don’t just fill poison boxes and hand you monthly invoices, we work to solve your solve your problem if possible. Ongoing management is often required for restaurants either for due diligence or due to structural factors.

Why we beat the competition:

  • ongoing inspections & reporting
  • CatchData methodology optimizes your service and budget
  • sanitary
  • ethical services you can boast about or advertise
Wildlife removal and pest control in Vancouver and the lower mainland, British Columbia

Innovating for industry.

We have decades of combined experience in industrial pest and wildlife control. Industrial services get complicated because of the added regulations and safety requirements. Due to this, we have developed and implemented:

  • Innovative strategies and standard operative procedures
  • Robust safety programs
  • Industry-specific reporting
  • Sustainable services that contribute to your sustainability requirements
Wildlife removal and pest control in Vancouver and the lower mainland, British Columbia

Public buildings and schools should not use poison.

Most of the bigger contracts are held by the big, multi-national pest control companies, who are the biggest perpetuators of ineffective, environmentally degradative services. Our schools, parks, gardens, malls, hospitals etc., all have recurring poison services.

Our services are simple, effective, and sustainable. We can scale it to any size, and always prove our success with our CatchData reporting.

Wildlife removal and pest control in Vancouver and the lower mainland, British Columbia

Property managers love us.

Pest control is a touchy subject for any property manager, once the calls start coming in they don’t stop. If you hire the wrong company, the calls will continue to flow in along with the invoices for the obviously ineffective services. We can handle any issues that arise at your various properties, and we make the headaches our own.

Our reports are a hit at strata council meetings.

Pest control must move away from ineffective, inhumane rodenticides.