Choosing the Best Pest Control Company in Vancouver, BC

Wildlife living in your home have carefully chosen their space, so how they are removed should also require careful thought – doing your due diligence regarding the reputation and services a wildlife & pest control company offers is one way of finding out who best to use. When a critter concern is revealed, our auto-response … Read more

Should I Intervene With Nature? Urban Ecological Considerations

With spring time well on its way; wildlife chicks, pups and kits become a regular occurrence even if we don’t always see them! We thought we would give you some guidance should you come across wildlife babies and are unsure as to how to help…or if it is even necessary. What If I Find An … Read more

Are You Ready for the Spring Pests?

Wildlife Babies in Spring With the onset of spring, temperatures rise and so does wildlife activity as fur and feathers busy themselves for breeding season, nest building and young rearing. This activity is a joyous time after the dull days of winter, however for many homeowners this brings with it its own set of problems. … Read more

Why You Should Speak Up Against Wildlife Poisoning

POISON is not just used to control rats and mice, but is also used extensively for the control of larger vertebrates, while inadvertently killing non-target species! Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency has opened the floor for public consultation and comments regarding the humaneness of various pesticides (poisons) and their use for large predator control. We … Read more

We Are Losing Three Species Per Hour – When Will it Stop?

How Bad is Species Loss? With a human population size less than that of California, spread out across the second largest country in the world, surely the loss of wildlife species in Canada is not a concern? Unfortunately, it is…and should be to people other than scientists and conservationists. In a recent report conducted by … Read more

Are You Buying Into Greenwashing? You May Be Part of the Problem

Greenwashing The art of misleading claims made by companies to market sustainability and environmental practice, when in actuality operations are damaging and degrading of ecosystems and natural resources. As the tide of environmental awareness, consideration and social responsibility changes; consumers mindsets are influenced resulting in more and more organizations casting their proverbial green-tinted net further … Read more