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08 OCT

Some Info on Rat Poison

“Super-toxic” rat poisons kill owls, other wildlife Here’s a good article detailing some of the consequences associated with our reliance ...

08 OCT

This Is What Happens When You Use Rat Poison: Flymageddon

Don’t use poison! Here’s a good read about a woman’s experience with poisoning rats in her home, don’t do this! ...

08 OCT

Germaine Greer: Rats don’t deserve so much hostility

LINK “These days, rodenticides based on Difenacoum are licensed in Britain for amateur use indoors and outdoors. Any creature feeding ...

08 OCT

Dog Ate Mouse Poison, Rat Poisoning in Dogs, Mouse and Rat Poisons Toxic to Pets

If your dog ate mouse or rat poison, learn the symptoms and treatment of rat or mouse poisoning in a ...

08 OCT

Manage rats and mice yourself | City of Vancouver

Manage rats and mice in Vancouver: learn what you can do. Source: Manage rats and mice yourself | City of ...

08 OCT

10 Ways Pests Get Inside Your Home | Bayer Advanced

Bayer Advanced offers effective and easy-to-use products for your lawn and garden, plus the expert advice you need to to ...

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