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Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, BC Pest Control & Wildlife Management Company

Humane Solutions provides eco-friendly wildlife management and pest control services in Vancouver, BC and surrounding areas in the metropolitan region. We are Western Canada’s leader in sustainable pest management and wildlife control services.


Vancouver BC Pest Control & Wildlife Company

Vancouver, BC, the coastal scenery, mountain view, and forest canopies provide nature lovers with a perfect, holy trinity of mountain, river, and forest trails to navigate and explore. Being close to this natural beauty can come at a price for Vancouver property owners and property managers: it is the perfect habitat for wildlife and pests.
The metropolitan city of Vancouver presents homeowners with the threat of wildlife pests like skunks or raccoons due to proximity to dense forests. Rodent and bug infestations cause problems for Vancouver residents, landlords, and businesses alike. And as Lower Mainland residents become increasingly mobile, we see more bed bug infestations in Metro Vancouver.
Humane Solutions are Vancouver’s sustainable pest control and wildlife management professionals. Because we know that pests also damage industries like trade, media, special events, and tourism, it is vital to stay ahead of a potential infestation problem.
Vancouver is one of the central finance and business capitals of Western Canada and is considered the Hollywood North for filming TV and movies in North America. Humane Solutions is dedicated to providing professional, eco-friendly, sustainable alternatives to traditional pest management and wildlife control solutions.That is why we have created a set of effective services that mitigate wildlife and pest conflict without recurring poison contracts. We have risen to the top of the pest control industry in a few short years and swept the 2021 pest control business awards.
Many companies offer warranties that sound too good to be true because they are. We’re not here to sell you a more expensive product because it’s eco-friendly. We’re here to help solve your problem.