Tri-Cities, BC

Tri-Cities, BC

Humane Solutions provides eco-friendly wildlife management and pest control services in the Tri-Cities (Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam & Port Moody) and surrounding areas. We are one of Western Canada’s leaders in sustainable pest control and wildlife control services in Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, and Port Moody BC.

About The Tri-Cities in British Columbia

The Tri-Cities (Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam & Port Moody) is a vibrant, growing city located about an hour’s drive from Vancouver. We are a community of fantastic, talented people with a wide range of interests and events. We have one of the best outdoor pools in the world, great places to go for a walk or jog, several sports fields and courts, local libraries with programs for all ages, as well as an abundance of shopping centres offering something for everyone.
There is a sense of camaraderie among the city’s residents that have developed over the years with the help of groups like Tri-Cities Community Events. For many years, our team has been involved in numerous activities and events throughout all three cities and around the Lower Mainland. We have organised or participated in countless sports tournaments, including hockey, soccer, basketball and volleyball. We have been on the organising committee of some of the largest festivals in all three cities, from Canada Day Celebrations to New Year’s Eve events.

Coquitlam, and Port Coquitlam BC

Coquitlam is on the north bank of the Fraser River, about 20 kilometres east of Vancouver. Coquitlam has many neighbourhoods and homes, but it is best known for its natural surroundings; beautiful parks, rushing rivers, unique wildlife and diverse vegetation contribute to this city’s sustainable development.
Port Coquitlam is in central British Columbia, Canada, on the north bank of the confluence of the Fraser River and the Pitt River, about 25 kilometres east of Vancouver. The Port Moody-Coquitlam area is commonly known as the Tri-Cities, including the City of Port Coquitlam and portions of Anmore and Belcarra.
This diverse and vibrant community lies on the traditional lands of the Coast Salish peoples. The City of Port Coquitlam has a thriving business sector, which includes retail, industrial and office developments, and many small businesses.

Port Moody BC

Port Moody is a waterfront city in Metro Vancouver with access to beautiful marinas, the Rocky Point Park and the Coquitlam River on its eastern border. Port Moody is on traditional Musqueam territory. Port Moody comes from Captain George Vancouver’s friend, Mr. Peter Hawkesley. The latter was given a land grant of 544 acres of downtown Port Moody by Governor James Douglas of the Hudson’s Bay Company for his service with the British Army.

Tri-Cities Pest Control

Pest Control is a critical aspect of maintaining your home, building or organisation. Aside from the potential health hazards pests can pose to humans; they can also damage the materials’ structural integrity. There are many different problems, so it’s best to contact us if you need specific information on which predators are plaguing your area. Sustainable pest control has many benefits to you and the community as a whole: it reduces the number of insect-borne diseases, prevents damage to homes and other structures, ensures food safety by minimising potential contact with pesticides (and pests), protects public health, and saves money on medical bills. Pest Impact Strategy Audits (Pisces) are an essential part of creating a healthy environment. We help ensure that the food you eat is safe, the products you use are safe, and your surroundings are free from pests. We want to be your number one choice for Pest Control in Port Coquitlam, BC. Let us take care of these predators so you can focus on more critical aspects of your daily life.