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New Westminster, BC

New Westminster, BC

Humane Solutions provides eco-friendly wildlife control and pest management services in New Westminster, BC and surrounding areas. We are one of Western Canada’s leaders in sustainable pest control and wildlife control services in New Westminster, BC.

About New Westminster, BC

New Westminster, British Columbia, has an exciting history. The Royal Engineers founded the city, sent to establish it as a midpoint between Montreal and Vancouver. They found their location on the north bank of the Fraser River, where they subsequently set up camp. At first, buildings began sprouting up around what is now 8th St. and Columbia Ave. Still, most developments occurred further westward near 12th St. and 4th Ave., an area known as Sapperton (named after the sappers).

Until 1892, people would begin settling south of 8th St., which is now known as Downtown South or DTS. The area around Front St. and Columbia Ave., now known as Old New West, was the first business district established in 1891 with lots originally designated for churches but were later converted into warehouses and retail stores (on average). It was probably because of this that businesses like pest control companies proliferated throughout DTS. More recently, there has been a surge of new developments – most notably, Sapperton Landing, located near Royal Columbian Hospital, attracting many people with its condos and lofts.

Pest Management Services in New Westminster, BC

Perhaps the most vital of all pest control strategies is the prevention of pests. Pest management includes a variety of factors and can be pretty complicated at times, but it is essential to remember that even the slightest thing can become problematic.
There are two basic methods for protecting against pest infestation: exclusion and baiting. This involves keeping pests out by sealing up any holes or cracks in your home with insulation, caulking, foam sealant, steel wool, etc. The other method involves using bait stations to trap insects that would be difficult to get rid of.
Remember that pest control in New Westminster, BC, is not limited to just extermination; whatever the case may be when it comes to your infestation, there are affordable ways to take action.