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Nanaimo, BC

Nanaimo, BC

Humane Solutions provides eco-friendly wildlife management and pest control services in Nanaimo, BC and surrounding areas. We are one of Western Canada’s leaders in sustainable pest control and wildlife control services in Nanaimo, BC.

About Nanaimo, BC

Nanaimo is a city on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada. It is known as “The Harbour City.” Nanaimo is also the headquarters of the Regional District of Nanaimo. The population was 68,967 in 2011 (Statistics Canada).
Nanaimo is known as “Hub City.” Its location between Vancouver and Victoria has made it an important hub for business and transportation. Nanaimo was incorporated in 1874. Early settlers at first called the area Newcastle Island until they discovered coal on their newly built waterfront settlement (1849). They soon renamed their town Coal Harbour. In 1860, however, a new name appeared on maps of the area: Nanaimo (a native word possibly meaning “all complete” or “small bay”).
In 1870 coal mining began and brought many new people to settle in this community. After World War One, the docks were improved, and shipbuilding became one of its main businesses. It remained that way until the 1960s. The mining of coal was also a big part of Nanaimo’s economy (Industry Canada).Some other important people of Nanaimo are; Robert Dunsmuir, Former Mayor Fred Pattje, MP Sheila Malcolmson, MLA Leonard Krog and Dr. John Sebastian Helmcken (Library and Archives Canada).
Nanaimo is located on Vancouver Island, on the east coast of the Strait of Georgia. The downtown area is between the harbour and Mount Benson. It has an average annual rainfall of 1460 mm or about 310 inches. Its latitude is 49 degrees N and longitude 123 degrees W (Statistics Canada).The population density in Nanaimo is 2689.4 people per sqkm. The average age of Nanaimo residents is 41.3 years old (Statistics Canada).
The top three non-official languages in the city are German, French and Chinese. The leading official language spoken in the area is English (Statistics Canada).Nanaimo has 69,847 people, with 30% being under the age of 19 years old, 59% being between 20-64 years old, and 10% being over 65 years old (2011 Census). Forty-two thousand nine hundred fifty-two male residents living in the city compared to 25,895 female residents living in Nanaimo. Out of all these residents, 17,260 have university degrees, while the rest have only completed high school or some form of postsecondary education.

Nanaimo also has a large metropolitan population of over 100,000 people (Statistics Canada). 12% of these households are one-person households, and 8% are two-parent families living without children. The median household income is $67k, with 28% earning under $47k annually. The average housing value is $415K, whereas the rental rate for homes is $769/mo (2011 Census).