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Maple Ridge, BC

Wildlife and Pest Control in Maple Ridge, BC

Humane Solutions is Maple Ridge’s local wildlife management and pest control company. We provide pesticide removal, rat removal, squirrel removal, bird removal, and wildlife control services across Maple Ridge and British Columbia.

We remove wild animals in the most humane way and with an uncompromising dedication to safety. We can help you with all sorts of pest control and wild animal problems by providing customised pest control solutions for your home, or for commercial customers. We strive to be as efficient about our work because we are very conscious of the health and safety for families, and wildlife, in Maple Ridge, BC. No more need to waste your precious time on other pest control companies you may find by searching ‘pest control maple ridge’, or ‘maple ridge pest control’. For more information about Humane Solutions’ pest control services please call (604) 330-5886 or email us at

About Maple Ridge, British Columbia

Maple Ridge is a district municipality in the province of British Columbia, Canada. It has an area of 212 square kilometres, and it is located between the larger municipalities of Pitt Meadows and Langley. It is bounded on the east by the Fraser River, to the south by the municipality of Langley, to which it was once connected by land route, and to the west by other unincorporated areas (Pitt Meadows) adjacent to Maple Ridge.
It is home to some of the most beautiful natural environment in all of Canada, and surrounding area. It includes many mountains, rivers and lakes (Garibaldi Lake). There are also some famous hills like Golden Ears, which make Maple Ridge an attractive place for outdoor family activities, like hiking, and mountain biking.
However, the Golden Ears trail and Paradise Meadows and Pipeline and Riverside trails (all dismounted-only trails) are closed for a while after rainfalls, mainly because they become exceptionally dangerous. They can be hard to see during more extended periods of rain, and there is also a high chance for riders to get stuck in the mud. The trails are closed until conditions are much better, so this is not a permanent restriction.
Maple Ridge is also home to some advanced recreational facilities, which are great for mountain biking enthusiasts. There are many terrain parks in Maple Ridge; one of them can be found at Golden Ears, which rescues riders from the scorching heat of the summer with its perfect powdery snow. The park is equipped for riders to have a great time on it regardless of the season they are riding. There are many trails available for different level riders, ranging from easy ones to challenging trails. Maple Ridge is also a home for many natural pests and wildlife.

Rats & Mice Control in Maple Ridge, BC

These (sometimes) tiny creatures might be small, but they cause significant problems. Rats and mice spread diseases like salmonella and hantavirus by contaminating food sources. They can also chew through your home’s insulation, causing it to lose value or even collapse altogether.We can help you resolve any issues with rodents, whether it is getting rid of existing rats or mice infestations or making certain rodents stay out of your home by sealing off entry points, and creating one-way exits.

Squirrels in Maple Ridge, BC

We, humans, have many things in common with squirrels. One of these is the fact that we share a lot of food! That is where squirrels get us. We do not want our homes to become the next area that they are feasting on.Squirrels may be cute, but they are also destructive, chewing through wood and causing it to lose value or even collapse altogether. They also cause damage to your home by nesting in attics and walls. And when they invade your garden, you can forget about having any fruit left over for yourself!

Moles in Maple Ridge, BC

Moles are incredibly destructive to your lawn. They dig their way through the soil, causing molehills. An infestation of moles is most noticeable in spring when golf ball-sized small hills rise around the yard.Whether it’s a one-time service or ongoing contract, we’ll make sure these ugly critters stay away! Once they start munching on your grass, you can get ready for an expensive repair bill.

Spiders in Maple Ridge, BC

Spiders are another common pest which you may find lurking in your home and garden. We all know that spiders help keep other less desirable bugs under control but how many people want them hanging around?That’s we offer dead spider removal services in Maple Ridge. Once an infestation is spotted, we’ll get it taken care of in no time!

Coyotes in Maple Ridge, BC

We offer coyote control services if you want to enjoy wildlife without the nuisance of living next door. Coyotes can cause many problems that extend beyond your common garden pest issues; we all love our pets and hate to think of them suffering at the hands (or teeth!) of these wild animals.We make sure any potential problem is dealt with before it has a chance to escalate. When our service was successful, we also offered dead coyote removal services in Maple Ridge, and animal removal was required.

Pest-Proofing Maple Ridge Homes and Businesses for Rodents.

If you want to prevent rodents from getting into your home, then rodent proofing might be the solution for you. We can seal up entry points so that rodents will not find their way inside anymore. This is the most effective way of keeping these animals out and ensuring a pest free home.We also offer rodent trapping services in Maple Ridge, which means finding the existing problem by identifying droppings, chewed wires etc. Once found, traps are placed where needed, and any caught animal will be removed right away. We promise that once this service is performed at your place, you won’t ever again spend an evening wondering if a rat is lurking around.