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About Humane Solutions

   Joe Abercrombie started Humane Solutions after working in the wildlife control industry for over a decade. Joe specializes in residential pest and urban predator control and has participated in live-capture/collaring projects for research studies. He has designed and implemented comprehensive wildlife damage control programs for various businesses and institutions.
      Joe is currently working on his Environmental Sustainability degree at UBC and will pursue a masters degree in public policy in order to increase global uptake of responsible, sustainable and humane solutions to conflicts with wildlife, using Humane Solutions as a catalyst.
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Our Involvement In the Edmonton Coyote Project

“We write in support of Joe Abercrombie and Humane Solutions, who assisted us to trap coyotes, who was, in turn, a core contributor to the Edmonton Urban Coyote Project. Joseph played a lead role in the humane capture and handling of 29 live coyotes between 2009 and 2013 to support the project, which addressed movement behavior, habitat selection, diet, disease spread, and conflict behavior in urban coyotes. The ultimate goals of our research were to identify sources of human-coyote conflict as a means of increasing coexistence between people and urban wildlife and to reduce the need to for lethal management of coyotes in Edmonton and other jurisdictions.

Throughout his time with the project, Joseph exhibited exceptional capability and judgment amid challenging conditions and intense public scrutiny. Thanks to the professionalism Joe exemplified, the project enjoyed a high level of public interest and support. In total, we captured 37 coyotes without a single coyote mortality, serious injury, or negative public incident. Throughout the years we worked together, Joseph was consistently enthusiastic, affable, reliable, and extremely hard working. His expertise and effort contributed directly to our research products, which include publications in the peer-reviewed journals Proceedings of Royal Society, Ecography and Behavioural Ecology.

We enthusiastically recommend Joseph as a professional, capable, and humane provider of solutions for the diverse challenges associated with human-wildlife conflict.”


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