Are You Buying Into Greenwashing? You May Be Part of the Problem

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The art of misleading claims made by companies to market sustainability and environmental practice, when in actuality operations are damaging and degrading of ecosystems and natural resources.

As the tide of environmental awareness, consideration and social responsibility changes; consumers mindsets are influenced resulting in more and more organizations casting their proverbial green-tinted net further for a wider catch...without the sustainable product, service or company practice to back it up.

However greenwashing is also not just skin deep - organizations often overlook the importance of the 'trickle-down effect' which suggests that the back-end logistics and operations should be the same shade of green as the branding and operational front with which clients interact. This ambiguity and falsehood in how organizations choose to position themselves perpetuates the consumer's struggle in identifying the wolves dressed as sheep.

The pest control industry is not immune to these deceptive tactics. A company may be branded as ecofriendly but uses poison as an auxiliary service; or discloses unsubstantiated claims for the purpose of public relations.

All that glitters in not Green.

It is important to ask the right questions. Read a company's reviews. Request service clarification. Assess the business partnerships.

This not only protects you as the consumer to ensure that the service you receive aligns with your ecovalues but importantly considers the environment at large.

Humane Solutions: #saynotopoison

As a company driven by environmentalists and conservationists; our decisions, discussions, operations and wildlife services align with our personal values to uphold, respect and protect the environment. Our transparency holds no distracting colors.

Ecofriendly isn't just a business model, its a lifestyle.