Need more evidence that poison does not work? Many pest control companies will advise against fixing the real problem (which is structural), effectively perpetuating the problem in an attempt to lock down over-priced, monthly poison applications. The rodents which do succumb to the poison will die in the structure.

“According to our (exterminators), from a maintenance point of view, we can spend a million dollars sealing the buildings and drilling holes in the walls to place traps and eradicate nests, and still the buildings would not remain mice free.”

“After handing out a booster seat at the Playhouse today, I noticed a strange material,” wrote a staff member to Lynden and others. “Upon closer inspection of the material … I realized it was coming from little black boxes that were labelled as Rodenticide and had a pest control number on them.”

“What appears to be mouse poison was scattered on the booster seats. … At least three of these seats went out to small children today at the Arts Umbrella show. I tried to get the seats back but the show was starting and I could not find the patrons.”

“Rats and mice of all shapes and sizes are running rampant inside Vancouver’s Queen Elizabeth, Orpheum and Playhouse theatres.”

Source: Rodents upstage performers in Vancouver’s civic theatres | Vancouver Sun